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January 27, 2023

Nestlé has mobilized over 400 volunteers in greening actions at the Danube and the Black Sea

On World Ocean Day, Nestlé Romania and Nestlé Bulgaria have carried out greening actions along the Danube and the Black Sea. Over 400 volunteers have collected more than 10 tonnes of waste that have been shipped to recycling or recovery. The actions are part of the Nestlé Cares program, launched this year to focus the company’s volunteer projects with impact on the community and the planet, and at the same time to encourage the individual and collective environmental responsibility.

The greening action in Romania took place at the Friendship Bridge in Giurgiu and was carried out in partnership with the National Environmental Guard, the National Administration “Romanian Waters”, the City Hall of Giurgiu Municipality, ManagerdeMediu.ro and the “Prietenii de lângă tine” Association. Among the volunteers who joined the Nestlé Romania initiative was Lucian Mîndruţă, who started cycling from Bucharest to Giurgiu, alongside his community of volunteers.

„The environmental problem can be solved only by a collective approach. Nestlé has launched the Institute of Packaging Sciences, a research center dedicated to discovering and developing functional, safe and environmentally friendly packaging solutions so that by 2025 we reach our goal of 100% recyclable or reusable packaging. At the same time, we continue to engage and invest locally in as many educational and greening actions as possible, to encourage Romanians to become environmentally responsible and together to ensure a sustainable development in Romania,” stated Leszek Wacirz, Country Manager Nestlé Romania.

Apart from the action of collecting waste on the banks of the Danube, Nestlé Romania, in partnership with the PRAIS Foundation, has carried out a campaign to educate young people and to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection. More than 2,500 students in Bucharest have learned essential information about the importance of protecting and reducing the pollution on the planet’s water resources.

The actions to raise awareness on waste and the green efforts from the Danube banks and the Black Sea beaches are even more important as the United Nations has reported that reducing disposable plastic materials is one of the main issues that needs to be managed as a matter of priority to reduce the long-term environmental impact.

Nestlé’s long-term commitment is to protect the environment and prevent waste disposal in seas, oceans, and waterways.



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