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September 18, 2019

Reactions after Romania’s non being picked for a seat of non-permanent member seat in the UN Security Council for the 2020-2021 period. MAE: Romania will stay deeply committed to supporting UN. Iohannis: Irresponsible statements of some high representatives have led to reserve to Romania’s candidacy in UN’s SC. Fifor: President Iohannis bears most of the blame for failure to win UN Security Council non-permanent member seat

Estonia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean Archipelago were elected on Friday by the UN General Assembly to become in January non-permanent members of the UN Security Council in the period 2020 – 2021, defeating the other candidates, Romania and Salvador.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) said in a release issued on Friday that Romania will stay deeply committed to supporting the UN, and that the campaign for obtaining a non-permanent member seat in the UN Security Council “has consolidated the international profile” of our country.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry shows that Romania engaged “later” in this campaign for a a non-permanent member seat in the UN Security Council, in fact in 2017, “from the will to contribute to strengthening the unique role of the UN as guarantor of world peace and security, promoter of sustainable development and human rights endorser.”

“Regardless of the final outcome, the diplomatic actions carried out during this campaign have consolidated Romania’s international profile and led to making more dynamic and in some cases relaunching the bilateral relations with UN member states from remote and hardly accessible geographic areas, not covered by the current diplomatic network of our country,” MAE points out.

At the same time, the campaign generated “a reinvigoration of Romania’s dialogue with regional and subregional organisations worldwide and a better knowledge of the realities and challenges these are confronted with.”

“Romania will stay deeply committed in supporting the UN, and the Romanian diplomacy will continue to get involved in promoting its goals and work to consolidate Romania’s place among the nations involved in the effort to ensure the progress to a safer, freer and more prosperous world,” MAE underscores.


Iohannis: Irresponsible statements of some high representatives have led to reserve to Romania’s candidacy in UN’s SC


President Klaus Iohannis has taken note with regret of Romania not being picked for a seat of non-permanent member in the UN’s Security Council, for the 2020 – 2021 interval, following the vote that took place on Friday within the UN General Assembly in New York, the Presidential Administration informs.

“In spite of the demarches of the Romanian diplomacy – which has managed to obtain a considerable number of endorsement engagements from member states – a series of non-diplomatic political statements, irresponsible and counterproductive, contrary to some traditional positions of foreign policy, formulated without a mandate and outside their range of duties, high level representatives of the Romanian authorities – against which Romania’s President has firmly reacted at their time – have led to the alienation of the already expressed endorsement of some partner states and the reserve to Romania’s candidacy. The diplomatic efforts made were thus boycotted and the erroneous impression was created that there is a lack of predictability on the part of Romania towards important, sensitive and complex foreign policy files,” the head of state maintains.

The President finds that this undesired result occurred in spite of the long and consistent effort made by the Foreign Affairs Ministry team, made up of diplomats and experts, together with Romania’s diplomatic missions, among which the Permanent Mission in New York had an outstanding activity, during the entire candidacy promotion campaign and particularly over the recent years.

The Presidential Administration shows that the head of state appreciates the entire effort made by the Romanian diplomacy.

Furthermore, during this campaign – placed under the imperative of promoting Peace, Justice and Sustainable Development – President Iohannis has firmly and constantly endorsed this major foreign policy objective and got actively involved in the diplomatic missions carried out in this direction and also supported and cooperated with the Foreign Affairs Ministry for the good conduct of the promotion campaign.

Iohannis reconfirms Romania’s attachment to multilateral diplomacy and to the principles and values consecrated in the UN Charter.

The head of state thanks all partner states who granted their confidence and vote to Romania and congratulates Estonia – the counter-candidate from the Eastern-European Group – for the success registered and for the professionalism of the team that led this effort.

“Romania will continue to mobilise its expertise and resources to the service of the UN and will tirelessly work for the welfare of all nations, as well as for international peace and security. Romania commits to collaborate with all member states to enhance the efficiency of the UN Security Council, which guides the global community to the achievement of Peace, Justice and Development. The UN membership represented for Romania, over the 64 years since accession, an active and honest engagement, the UN continuing to be for the Romanian diplomacy a valuable platform for multilateral negotiations,” the Presidential Administration also points out in respect to President Iohannis’ position regarding the result of the vote on a seat of non-permanent member in UN’s Security Council.


Fifor: President Iohannis bears most of the blame for failure to win UN Security Council non-permanent member seat


PSD National Council Chairman Mihai Fifor claims that President Klaus Iohannis, in his capacity as head of Romanian diplomacy, bears most of the blame for Romania’s failure to win a seat as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

“Less than 3 months have passed since President Iohannis was saying loud and clear that, according to the Constitution, the President is holder of Romania’s foreign policy decisions and representative of our country abroad. Now that Romania did not win the UN seat, Iohannis no longer wants to be holder of Romania’s foreign policy decision. In fact, President Klaus Iohannis bears most of the blame, in his capacity as head of Romanian diplomacy, for the failure to win the UN Security Council non-permanent member seat. Sending letters, which he finds to be a great merit, is not the same with official public statements, nor with clear requests in forums that could have made a difference,” Fifor wrote on his Facebook page.

Mihai Fifor considers that the topic should have been tackled at the EU Summit in Sibiu.

“Why didn’t President Iohannis tackle the topic at the recent summit in Sibiu? Had he done so, at least in bilateral meetings, he could have obtained more votes. President Iohannis didn’t ask for this on the White House lawn either, where he had the honour, on behalf of Romania, to take part in a press conference with U.S. President Donald Trump,” Fifor states.

The Chairman of PSD’s National Council claims that the foreign policy line promoted by Klaus Iohannis, without consulting Parliament and by permanently obstructing the Government in appointing ambassadors, has decisively contributed to this result at the UN.

“The President should explain to us what he did in this capacity – that he conferred upon himself on his own – in order to obtain that seat of non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. With how many heads of state or government did he negotiate support for Romania’s candidacy and what are the results of those negotiations? Then, Mr Iohannis obstinately refused to explain before Parliament and Romanians which are the foreign policy lines to which he committed Romania. He refused to present the mandate with which he showed up at the European Council summits and to tell Romanians what the results of those meetings were for Romania,” Mihai Fifor points out.

Fifor states that “it’s time for President Iohannis to take responsibility for this major diplomatic failure for Romania.”

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