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May 25, 2022

USR validates affiliation to the ALDE+RENAISSANCE+USRPLUS Group of the European Parliament. USR Statute modified: Party president to be elected by all party members

Chairman of Save Romanian Union (USR) Dan Barna, on Saturday in Braila, where the USR Political Committee meeting took place, in which the delegates voted for the political formation’s affiliation to the ALDE+RENAISSANCE+USRPLUS Group of the European Parliament, said that the affiliation of PRO Romania to this EP structure is out of the question.

“I have seen there have been some statements of the PRO Romania leader. We all have desires, but at the moment the statements of the En Marche and ALDE Europe leaders were very clear – Mr. Ponta’s affiliation to this new group is out of the question. PRO Romania’s affiliation to ALDE+RENAISSANCE+USRPLUS is out of the question,” Dan Barna pointed out.

Asked if he personally would have agreed to this affiliation, Barna said: “Most certainly not. We have a consistent stance. After Colectiv and everything that followed, it is out of the question to be in the same EP group with the people – because many of PRO Romania have been in this situation – who supported Liviu Dragnea to bring Romania to the situation we are in today.”

The USR delegates who participated in the Political Committee meeting organised in Braila approved by 84 to one and three abstentions the affiliation of the Union to the ALDE+RENAISSANCE+USRPLUS Group in the European Parliament.

According to the USR Braila leader, Catalin Stancu, the Political Committee meeting on Saturday in Braila saw the participation of 120 delegates from all over the country, plus 80 observers.


USR Statute modified: Party president to be elected by all party members


Save Romania Union’s Political Committee has also approved a series of amendments to the USR Statute, amendments that will require the approval of the party conference. The main modification concerns the way the USR President is elected, in the sense that he should be elected by all party members, in direct elections, something that was experimented when drawing up the lists of candidates for the EP elections and that worked very well.

The amendment endorsed by USR’s Political Committee on Saturday in Braila was proposed by USR President Dan Barna.

If the amending of the Statute is also endorsed by the USR party conference on July 13, the USR President will be elected by USR members in free and universal elections, via direct and secret ballots, for a four-year term, a USR press release shows.

In other words, one person will mean a vote ‘for’ or ‘against.’ At present, the USR President is elected via weighted votes, meaning that the efficiency of the voter’s party branch is also taken into account.

“The USR President must be the president of all members, of those from branches with good and very good results as well as those from branches with results that are less good. An equal vote is preferred, because otherwise some members could feel discouraged. The new mechanism proposed ensures wide representativity within the party and strengthens internal democracy,” USR President Dan Barna stated.

Other modifications validated by USR’s Political Committee concern the validation of local candidates, the members’ rights and obligations, the setting up of rural party branches, and the selection of party conference delegates.

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