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May 24, 2022

PM Dancila: First meeting between Gov’t and municipality mayors, on Tuesday following mayors complaints that they no longer have money for salaries, scholarships and investments

Prime Minister and Acting Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila announced on Monday that a first meeting between the Government and mayors of municipalities will take place on Tuesday in the context of their budget-related discontent.

“A first meeting between the Government and the mayors of municipalities will take place tomorrow (Tuesday, ed. n.),” Dancila said after the meeting of the PSD National Permanent Bureau, asked how she comments on the fact that the mayors are complaining that they no longer have money for salaries, scholarships and investments.

Bucharest District 3 Mayor Robert Negoita said on Monday that the promise of a 60 percent increase of the local budgets was not met with regard to the budget amendment.

“They have promised 60 percent. The money for the first three months has been stolen by the government, the mayoralties are deprived of those amounts. We have a commitment [from the government – ed.n.], namely that they will solve this issue, but if this commitment is just as credible … (…) Fortunately, we have earned some money now and I think we are going to make ends meet and pay for salaries, we haven’t paid the scholarships for three months, and we have a credit in terms of investments,” Negoita maintained.

In turn, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea also stated on Monday that all the cities and municipalities are in a difficult financial situation and that the Romanian Government, “the one that was led, de fact, by the former Chairman of the party”, is guilty for this. She announced that the Municipality requested for a loan from the Treasury and mentioned that she hopes that it will be approved on Wednesday, “to pay an invoice for gas supply”.

On Friday Firea said that the mayoralties have lower budgets that promised at the beginning of the year, being subject to an “undeclared bankruptcy”. Firea said that current functioning can no longer be ensured, and invoices are not registered in order to avoid arrears.

“I talked with the Prime Minister, I have also informed the National Standing Bureau about this situation, and I was promised there will be a meeting next week with the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. Right now, there is a technical discussion at the Finance Ministry, between the lady Secretary General and the managers of the mayoralties. The situation is serious, I am rather concerned about this issue, because if Bucharest Municipality enters into payment default, the country rating will automatically decrease, and we might be subjected to the Monetary Council”, Firea added.


USR Bucharest Chairperson: The current mayor fought with everyone, except for her own incompetence. Gabriela Firea, “the bankruptcy mayor”, must leave urgently


The Save Romania Union (USR)  Bucharest Chairperson Roxana Wring (photo), stated that the current Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea has fought with everyone, except for her own incompetence, because she is not capable at all of solving any problems, but she knows very well how to find guilty people.

“Gabriela Firea’s entire mandate was a continuous chase for guilty people. First, it was ‘the ingrained inheritance’. Then it was the Opposition. Then, it was Liviu Dragnea. Now, Gabriela Firea blames the PSD Government. She has fought with everybody, except for her own incompetence. Because she is not capable at all of solving any problems, but she knows very well how to find guilty people”, Roxana Wring wrote on her Facebook page.

The USR Bucharest leader says that this is all about in all the statements made in the last few days by the current Mayor: it’s about a mayor who did nothing for three years, who ruined everything that touched, who had no vision, solutions and results.

“Well, this mayor says today that she is not actually guilty, but anyone else. But this is a lie! It is an embarrassing lie used by Gabriela Firea, hoping she will fool Bucharesters once again. Truth s that the PSD administration did nothing for Bucharest. They spent the money without any responsibility, they brought RADET into bankruptcy, they spent the budget on fairs and statues, they gave hundreds of millions of euros to the companies founded for the clique, leaving the city in an even worse state that those existing when they took it. For this reason, Gabriela Firea, ‘the bankruptcy mayor’, must leave urgently”, claims the USR Bucharest Chairperson.


Nicusor Dan: The Municipality admits that it inflated the budget by 2 billion. The only solution to avoid bankruptcy is a strict restructuring of the expenses


MP Nicusor Dan says that Bucharest Municipality admits that it inflated the budget by RON 2 billion and claims that the only solution to avoid bankruptcy is a strict restructuring of the Municipality’s expenses.

Nicusor Dan mentions in a press release that at the time when the Bucharest Municipality budget was approved, in 2019 (April 23, 2019), he warned that the revenues are much too oversized, since the estimate for the Municipality’s own revenues (all revenues, less the split quotas form the income tax), RON 3.5 billion, was 10 times higher than the average own income of the last three years.

The internal document of the Bucharest Municipality of June 2019 shows that Bucharest Municipality doesn’t expect to collect at least 35% of the estimated revenues, which means at least RON 2.37 billion, according to him.

“Presenting this official data, which is obviously fake, is a mockery towards bucharesters. On May 30, the General Council voted, at the Mayor’s proposal, a budget review reconfirming total revenues of RON 6.8 billion. After a few days, an internal document shows that at least RON 2.37 billion will not be collected. Wasn’t this information known on May 30, when the budget was reviewed?”, Nicusor Dan added.

He says he wants to expose a lie which Mayor Firea is publicly presenting for several weeks.

“She says that the explanation of the disastrous financial situation of the Municipality is due to the split revenue quotas that are lower than in the previous years. (…) In 2019, the Municipality received only RON 0.46 less than in 2018. The difference up to RON 2.37 billion which the Municipality says it will not collect represents RON 1.91 billion. By admitting that it cannot collect 35% of the revenues, the Municipality admits it inflated the budget artificially, by RON 1.91 billion. The only solution to avoid bankruptcy is a strict restructuring of the Municipality’s expenses. If the expenses will continue to be made as until today, the bankruptcy is unavoidable”, Nicusor Dan concluded.


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