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June 12, 2021

Opposition parties table no-confidence motion: Romania urgently needs a Gov’t with pro-European vision, with maximum 15 ministries, not 27. urcan: Signed by 173 MPs, no-confidence motion tabled. The number of votes is not yet enough but the game goes on

Romania urgently needs a government with a pro-European vision, with a maximum of 15 ministries, not 27, oriented to the country’s development priorities: education, healthcare, public investment and attracting European funds, shows the text of the censure motion, tabled by the Opposition parties on Wednesday in Parliament.

The signatories of the censure motion point out that “the future government has the obligation to do its best for the implementation of a modern and current voting system that effectively allows every Romanian citizen living abroad to vote.”

“Vote for this motion, because Romanians’ vote cannot be ignored by any politician in Romania! Come tomorrow to start the change for the better, to start building, because the country needs a competent government and much work in everybody’s best interest!,” is the call of the motion’s initiators on their MP colleagues.

According to the document, “the sanction against PSD (Social Democratic Party)  and against the Government comes directly from the citizens who have said they no longer want a government unable to lead the country for the better and which only has one clear priority – permanent attacks on justice.”

“In two and a half years, the PSD and the ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) have divided a whole country, destroyed the role of the fundamental institutions, mutilated important laws, compromised the chance to modernize the country, and constantly attacked the foundations of Romanian democracy and the rule of law. On 26 May 2019, the PSD managed to unite all of us, home and abroad, to save our country from the PSD’s hands, and we have succeeded,” the motion reads.


Turcan: Signed by 173 MPs, no-confidence motion tabled. The number of votes is not yet enough but the game goes on


Signed by 173 parliamentarians, the no-confidence motion against the Dancila Government has been tabled, House lawmaker Raluca Turcan (PNL) announced on Wednesday, pointing out that the number of votes is not yet enough but “the game goes on.” “In two and a half years, PSD and ALDE have divided an entire country, have destroyed the role of the fundamental institutions, have mutilated important laws, have compromised the chance to modernise the country and have constantly attacked the foundations of Romanian democracy and rule of law! On 26 May 2019, PSD managed to unite us all, those at home and those abroad, to save the country from the hands of the PSD, and we managed to do it!” the signatories state in the motion.

Premier Viorica Dancila is told that her role is over and she must leave, but not before being held politically accountable for the attack against fundamental rights, an attack that she led – jointly with Teodor Melescanu and Carmen Dan – against millions of Romanian expats. “You have destabilised the whole constitutional framework of the Romanian state by systematically dismantling constitutional institutions, by weakening the system of checks and balances, by political subordination based on the appointment of incompetent and servile persons,” the Premier is reproached.

“Today’s motion comes on the heels of the popular motion that Romanians passed with their overwhelming votes in the referendum and likewise in the European Parliament elections. We want to be as realistic as possible and say: the parliamentary arithmetic is just as it was after the 2016 elections. Four parliamentary groups – PNL, USR, PMP and UDMR – have taken the commitment to transpose into parliamentary action the result of the vote. We hope other colleagues will come at the vote. Likewise, four non-affiliated colleagues from Parliament have also signed it. At this moment the votes are insufficient, but the game goes on because it’s a game for a normal Romania, for regular Romanians, and for transparency and responsibility,” Turcan said.

She underscored that huge public pressure put on those who are still members of the PSD and ALDE to distance themselves from those who confiscated power in the two parties and who continue to keep it confiscated is the only way in which the result of the referendum can be reflected in decision-making in the Romanian Parliament.

“Everything happening in recent days is just fretting and modest and embarrassing attempts to cosmeticize the political life within the PSD and ALDE. The way in which political decisions are taken remains the same, the essential behaviour of those from the leadership of the PSD and ALDE remains the same. That is why it is very important for people who are currently members of the PSD and ALDE, Romanian Parliament colleagues who are members of the Pro Romania group, non-affiliated colleagues belonging to national minorities, to understand this crucial moment, because this parliamentary political demarche is backed by the votes of the Romanians,” PNL’s House lawmaker said.

USR leader Dan Barna has stated that through the May 26 vote we “washed our face in Europe,” but we must do the same inside the country too.

“Through the May 26 vote we managed to wash our face in Europe. Things are well in Europe, the MEPs that we, as a country, now have there are people we can rely on and who can make us proud of them. In Romania, however, the fight must continue because in Romania we haven’t washed our face at all. We have the same majority, the same Parliament that has taken Romania to the edge of Europe, and today’s motion, which shows the Opposition’s consistent collaboration and which proposes exactly this: clearing the path in order to be able to try to get healthier at home too, in Romania. We have 173 signatures on the no-confidence motion. We continue to be optimistic that we will be able to obtain more votes when the motion is put to the vote next week, from Pro Romania and from other parliamentarians from the ruling majority too, because the figures unequivocally show that around 20-30 votes from the ruling majority are also needed for this motion to have a chance to pass. However, it was the duty of the Opposition and it is a duty we do with all responsibility, because it is backed precisely by the message of the May 26 vote, which says that this Government must come to an end and leave from the helm of Romania. Things are very clear, as I told you there has been very good collaboration in the Opposition, four parties sign the motion and we will continue the talks up until the moment of the vote in order to generate its success,” the USR leader said.



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