Parliament approves the setting up of the committee for amending the legislation on the voting in Diaspora

The Standing Bureaus of the Parliament approved on Tuesday the setting up of a specialized committee for amending the legislation on the voting in Diaspora, Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced. The committee must make a proposal to amend the law by the end of June.

“There have been discussions on the proposal that I made to set up a specialized committee which has to analyze various options to amend the legislation on the voting abroad, given the difficulties, the problems that occurred at the voting of May 26. We must find a flexible, effective and non-bureaucratic solution to facilitate the voting of the Romanians abroad. The Standing Bureaus of today (Tuesday – e.n.) approved the proposal I forwarded. The parliamentary groups will appoint their representatives in the committee, and we decided that the committee has to make, by the end of this parliamentary session, a draft law based on the analysis of the proposals received, that can be submitted in order to be approved by the Parliament. This is a priority supported by the other parliamentary groups”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced at the end of the meeting of the Standing Bureaus.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu also announced that the two legal committees of the Parliament are going to analyze what are the required legislative amendments in order to transpose the result of the referendum on justice of May 26.

“Today (on Tuesday – e.n.), at the Senate’s Bureau, and I think at the Deputies’ Chamber too, the legal committees will receive the task to analyze what are the required legislative or constitutional amendments in order to transpose the result of the referendum. It seems to me that this is an important issue. We must take action as soon as possible”, Tariceanu concluded.

Last week, the ALDE Chairman stated that he will propose an early voting for the elections. This way, the polling stations will be open for a week in Diaspora, to allow all the Romanians to exercise their right to vote.

In this context, Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu announced he will call all the ambassadors for discussions, in order to analyze the way in which the elections of May 26 have been conducted, and he will present to them the proposal of the early voting.

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