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May 8, 2021

Ciolos: USR-PLUS ready to take on governing too if need be, but need certainty they can have support in Parliament

USR-PLUS are ready to undertake governing too, but they need the certainty that they can have support in Parliament in order to adopt the decisions that citizens will expect from a legitimate Government, PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos stated for RFI, reminding that USR-PLUS plead for snap elections. The statement comes against the backdrop in which his alliance partner Dan Barna has repeatedly stated that the USR will not be part of a non-PSD alternative Government but is willing to support such a Government in Parliament, on certain terms.

“USR-PLUS are ready to undertake governing too, if need be, but I believe that all commonsensical people can understand that in order to do this they need the certainty that they can have support in Parliament, in order to take decisions that citizens will expect from a legitimate Government,” the ex-Premier said.

Against the backdrop of the no-confidence motion, Dacian Ciolos hopes that there are sufficient lucid PSD members who understand they are heading toward a dead-end with the Dancila Government: “Still, there are movements taking place in the Romanian Parliament, because I believe that many people, including members of the PSD, understand that they bet on a losing horse, especially now that they have seen their leader behind bars after he fought the Romanian judiciary for three years, and I believe there are enough lucid people there, rational people, who understand that they are heading toward a dead-end if they continue to support the PSD. So, in this logic, naturally, there should be a majority that would send the Dancila Government home, because Romania does not stand to gain from this Government staying in power.”

Asked why the parliamentary Opposition is not more united in view of the no-confidence motion, the PLUS leader said: “What you call the Opposition is opposition against the PSD. It’s one thing to unite against the PSD and another to unite to build something in Romania. (…) If there is a modicum of common sense and interest for Romania, the parties that are now in opposition against the PSD, and I want to emphasise this, even though there are heterogenous political forces, because there is a difference between USR-PLUS and PNL on the one hand, and between Pro Romania and UDMR on the other, which flirted with the PSD in a more or less articulated fashion, so far, Pro Romania consists mostly of fugitives from the PSD, so now there’s an opposition against the PSD and this Government, but it’s not an Opposition that now would be capable of building an articulated political project through which it would govern Romania and would stabilise the situation in Romania. So, we must bear in mind a period of transition in which a minimal solution must be found so that the bad things that have happened in Romania so far – the disarticulation of the judiciary, the driving away of investors, all sorts of decisions that the Government has taken – would be stopped. So, let’s have this period of transition and let’s be capable of holding parliamentary elections as soon as possible, in order to have political forces legitimised in Parliament.”

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