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October 23, 2021

Dancila , determined to run for PSD President at June 29 Congress. Four working groups to handle PSD Congress . Separate congress for party’s presidential nomination

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Acting President Viorica Dancila announced on Thursday, after the Executive Committee meeting, that she is determined to run for PSD President. She added that it was decided to set up four working groups: on updating the governance programme; on the political message; on organising the June 29 Party Conference, including the timetable of events; and on amending the Statute. “We have voted all these decisions,” the Premier pointed out. Likewise, she stated that the no-confidence motion was also discussed, as were the opinion polls on the presidential candidate. She pointed out that all those who will announce their intention to run will be included in these polls.

“Just like our colleagues decided within the National Standing Bureau, but also within the joint groups, we will ensure the quorum, but we will not vote. It was a decision that our colleagues adopted by vote and that was today discussed within the ExCom too,” Dancila stated.

Referring to the June 29 Party Congress, Dancila said that four working groups have been set up: “on updating the governance programme, on the political message, on organising the June 29 Party Coongress, we have established the timetable of activities, the dates of the county conferences, and likewise the working group on amending the statute, working group that has already worked and has come up with proposal at the National Executive Committee.”

“We have voted all these decisions, and within the National Executive Committee we have also discussed the opinion polls regarding the presidential candidacy, the way we will act in the upcoming period. It was an Executive Committee meeting in which, just as we established from the start, each colleague was able to express their opinion, because I believe this is how things work in a democracy, we must listen to everyone and the vote must decide the direction we will follow,” Dancila said.

“At this party congress  we want to convey messages for the electorate and for our party members,” Dancila said.


Separate congress for party’s presidential nomination


She also  announced that a separate congress will be held for the party’s presidential nomination, probably at the end of July, and that all those who want to run will be included in opinion polls.

“The Executive Committee also discussed the opinion polls on the candidates for the presidential election, in order to determine how we should act in the next period (…) Every colleague who wishes to run must come forward to the National Executive Committee, we will run opinion polls and whoever is best positioned in the polls and gets the congressional vote will represent the PSD in the presidential election. (…) We will run opinion polls to secure the best chances to win the presidential election,” Dancila said at the end of the meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee.


PSD MPs who vote for censure motion risk being excluded from their organisations


The Social-Democrat MPs who will vote for the censure motion risk being excluded from the party by their organizations, PM Viorica Dancila, PSD interim chairperson,also  said on Thursday.

“Exclusion is not carried out by the leader of the party, they risk being excluded by the organizations they are part of. I am convinced that each mayor in the respective county has the project they came with in front of the citizens in the community they ran in. Many of these projects are related to the decisions that will be made in the Government of Romania and I am convinced that those who voted for them, those who supported them did not back them to stand against their own Government or projects at community or county level, and then they can face this situation (…) Everyone has to take responsibility for the way they vote for a motion before the electorate who supported him or her, before the organization that supported him/her at county level,” said Viorica Dancila, at the end of PSD’s CExN.

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