Romania, full member, as sponsor nation, of NATO Excellence Center in cybersecurity in Estonia

As of Thursday, Romania is a full member, as sponsor nation, of the NATO Excellence Center in cybersecurity in Estonia, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) announced on its Facebook page.

“The decision comes at the end of a year when SRI has actively participated in the technical analysis and training of international experts,” the SRI said.

Anton Rog, general manager of the SRI’s National Cyberint Center, told AGERPRES that this quality was achieved after a joint effort of the Ministry of National Defence, SRI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs   and of the diplomatic mission in Tallinn.

”The Service [SRI] (…) has already sent a specialist (…), who in the meantime has been promoted as head of the ‘Big Analysis’ structure and director of four courses there, that is, already in the management of the Excellence Center. The Ministry of Defence will send on 1 August a specialist, also in the technical area,” Rog said.

He added that Romania is at the moment among the 20 nations dealing with excellence in cybersecurity.

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