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December 7, 2022

National political agreement to consolidate Romania’s European path, signed on Thursday at Cotroceni Palace. Klaus Iohannis : I’m very glad that the five of us are signing this national agreement . List of signatories remains open

President Klaus Iohannis and the chairmen of the opposition’s National Liberal Party (PNL) – Ludovic Orban, Save Romania Union (USR) – Dan Barna, PRO Romania – Victor Ponta and the People’s Movement Party (PMP) – Eugen Tomac signed on Thursday the National Political Agreement on consolidating Romania’s European course, at a ceremony organized at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban, the first to sign the agreement, said that PNL advocates the goals of the pact and emphasized that all the politicians who want the best for Romania should commit to this document.

“I am glad to have the opportunity to put my signature on an extremely important document that can lay the foundations for the achievement of authentic democracy in Romania, based on the European values, principles and norms, on the strict observance of the citizens’ individual rights and freedoms, of the rule of law, justice independence, the citizens’ free access to justice, that relies on an honest competition among the citizens of Romania, and allowing each Romanian citizen to find justice in the Romanian democratic society,” Orban said.

USR Chairman Dan Barna pointed out that this pact is the “first piece of a construction” that should also contain the initiative “No convicts in public office”.

“The USR signed this national agreement because it contains what USR has been advocating for three years in the Parliament of Romania, in all of Romania’s counties and the diaspora – that Romania must be a state governed by the rule of law, where justice operates independently and is a power that is complied with. This national agreement – the first piece of a construction that must also contain the ‘No convicts in public office’ initiative – is the simplest instrument we as a society, can introduce in the Constitution – and one million Romanians have confirmed this – for Romanian politics to become better. (…) I am convinced that Romania will be able to mend and get back on track on the European course,” Barna said.

PRO Romania Chairman Victor Ponta said that he sealed the pact because the principles it lays out are fair.

“Today I signed this pact together with my PRO Romania colleagues for a very simple reason: the principles of this pact are fair and serve our best interests, as a society. (…) Today I have learned from my own experience that politicians squabble about anything and cannot work together on anything, but statesmen must shake hands when it comes to truly national interests,” Ponta said.

PMP Chairman Eugen Tomac also explained why he signed the document.

“On behalf of our PMP fellows, we also put our signature on the political agreement you, Mr President, have initiated, for the following reasons: our attachment to values such as democracy, freedom, peace, the rule of law that are the foundation of the EU, are non-negotiable values, therefore we have expressed our solidarity and put our signature on it out of conviction. I hope that all the politicians will correctly understand the message the Romanians conveyed on May 26. Our nation is deeply attached to European values, we want to be part of the big EU decisions and we will respond with the same openness when, in the coming months or years, you will invite us for an agreement on education, health, or diaspora because we, the political class, need consensus on the major priority themes, even for an agreement on the Republic of Moldova,” Tomac said.

At the end of the ceremony President Iohannis also signed the agreement, congratulated the signatories and then invited them to take a photo where they were to arrange themselves according to their political doctrine.


Iohannis: I’m very glad that the five of us are signing this national agreement


President Klaus Iohannis stated at the signing ceremony that the PSD has no intention to change and that the PSD’s proposed amendments to the pact exceeded the number of articles in the pact.

Iohannis pointed out that he proposes that those signing the pact should take the commitment to transpose into law, in the shortest of times, the measures required to make sure that Romanian citizens are able to fully and effectively exercise their right to vote both within the country and abroad.

“Answering a direct, clear ‘Yes, we are signing’ were PNL [the National Liberal Party], USR [Save Romania Union], PRO Romania and PMP [People’s Movement Party]. The leaders of these parties are present to sign this agreement. I was not announced that PSD was interested, which apparently had changed since May 27, but this is not the case, the PSD has not changed, it is not changing, it has lost the first round of elections in a broader set, but it has only remained with the appearance of change, it pursues the same goals and the answer given to me through the media was a refusal. They had more amendments than articles in this agreement. PSD harmed Romania a great deal. Because of PSD Romania has not developed and is not developing any more now,” the president said at the signing of the National Political Agreement for the consolidation of Romania’s European path with the chairpersons of PNL, Ludovic Orban, USR, Dan Barna, PRO Romania, Victor Ponta, and PMP, Eugen Tomac.

The Head of State once again attacked the ruling party: “The PSD harmed Romania very much. It didn’t develop more and is not developing now either because of the PSD. These elections represent a victory for Romanians against the PSD’s incompetence, against the attack on the judiciary, on the national economy, it’s just the first step in a longer series of steps. Three more valuable opportunities to teach a lesson to the PSD are up next. Because the PSD did not understand, they feigned. The presidential, local and parliamentary elections are up next. Romanians will know how to vote but, in order to go forward with the results of this vote, the Constitution and the relevant legislation needs to change.”


Iohannis: PSD refuses to sign National Political Agreement, but list remains open


At the ceremony marking the PNL, USR, PMP and Pro Romania’s signing of the national political agreement on consolidating Romania’s European path, Klaus Iohannis stated that the list of signatories remains open. He pointed out that “it’s possible for others to return to better thoughts in time.”

“I’m very glad that the five of us are signing this national agreement. This does not represent a step with which we want to exclude others. You, party presidents, have agreed with me to sign this agreement. The list of signatories remains open. It’s possible for others to return to better thoughts in time, and I want to keep the door open to all politicians who want to build a better Romania,” Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday at Cotroceni.

The Head of State congratulated the party leaders present at the ceremony for the results registered in the European Parliament elections.

“European Parliament elections took place on May 26, as scheduled, and your parties obtained beautiful results. I congratulate you for it. In parallel with the European Parliament elections, I triggered a national referendum, because I considered that the citizens must give a firm and clear response to a failed Government and to an assault against the judiciary. Romanians went to the polls in high numbers and gave a clear, firm and easy to understand response. Six million Romanians answered affirmatively to my referendum questions,” Iohannis added.


Dancila says she wasn’t invited at Cotroceni, for the ceremony of signing the National Political Agreement: My statement related to this pact was probably taken into account


PM Viorica Dancila stated on Thursday that she wasn’t invited at the ceremony held at the Cotroceni Palace for signing the National Political Agreement, and said that her statement on this pact was probably taken into account. “I said that a pact involves a consensus of all the political forces, it is a project that can be amended by the political parties (…) as long as our amendments are not included in the pact, we have no reason to participate in signing this pact”, Dancila added.

“I wasn’t invited. My statement related to this pact was probably taken into account. I said that a pact involves a consensus of all the political forces, it is a project that can be amended by the political parties, we said we want to file certain amendments, and as long as our amendments are not included in the pact, we have no reason to participate in signing this pact”, Dancila stated.

The ALDE Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu satetd that the pact that was proposed to the parties by President Iohannis is a hijack of the meaning of the referendum, it is a trick, a trap by which Klaus Iohoannis wants to assure himself that he will be reelected as President.

The President of the PSD National Council, Mihai Fifor, stated that PSD doesn’t fall into President Klaus Iohannis’ trap. Also, he accused President Klaus Iohannis of wanting to include the result of the referendum in a document that is negotiated by the parties.



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