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October 21, 2021

IntMin Carmen Dan: Over 9,200 alerts of multiple voting

Interior Minister Carmen Dan on Sunday told private TV broadcaster Antena 3 that “there were over 9,200 alerts of multiple voting,” mentioning that the ministry had all its duties during the European Parliament elections of May 26 domestically.

“I have put together the main ideas on what the MAI [Interior Ministry] does on the day of the elections, namely: secures the polling stations, provides the transport of the ballot papers, ensure the public order outside the polling stations, investigates the complaints about possible violations of the electoral legislation, ensures, through prefects, the observance of the activities in the electoral timetable. I am absolutely sure that the President [Klaus Iohannis, ed.n.] knows very well how things stand. I have notified the BEC [the Central Electoral Bureau] about the closure, the correlation of the reports about the referendum. We received information in the operational centre. I realized that it is important to convey these data to the BEC. We closed the day with over 9,200 alerts of multiple voting,” Dan asserted.

She added that the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) has the data on these alerts, but MAI had the responsibility to signal these alerts.

“My responsibility and, implicitly, that of the ministry was to signal that there are these alerts and that we receive them, their number being consistent. I took into account throughout this day only what happens at national level. I had a telephone conversation with Mr director general [of STS, ed.n.], I informed him that we will send this correspondence to the STS, too, to the AEP [Permanent Electoral Authority] and to the BEC, which we subsequently did. We checked these alerts, checks are still being conducted, there are many, but I think someone should tell people how it was technically possible to have so many alerts,” Dan said.


So far, no colleague of opinion that I should leave Interior Ministry


She also declared on Sunday that “there might be” people who would like her not to be minister any longer in the current political circumstance, but she specified that, until now, no one has asked her such a thing “nor the Prime Minister of Romania”, with whom she has a “fair, open” relationship and whom she would not place in a “difficult situation”.

“There might be [people who want to have her replaced, ed.n.], because I have never assumed that a person is irreplaceable or is so well prepared for any field that his/her replacement cannot be ever considered. Then, I have said it every time, I received this mandate from the party that thought I could deal with such a responsibility, and I said that it is the party that can ask me to leave this portfolio, giving me arguments, more or less. But until now, no colleague of mine has voiced the opinion in favour of me leaving the Interior Ministry. The Romanian Prime Minister did not voice such an opinion either, I have a fairly open relationship, we have known each other for years with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, I consider her to be a fair person and I would never place her in a difficult situation,” Dan told private TV broadcaster Antena 3.

Asked what she meant when she said that she would not put Viorica Dancila in a difficult situation, Carmen Dan said that she thought about the work she is doing in the ministry.

“I am referring first and foremost to the work that I have been doing, and I have always sought not to have an attitude in my work or not to forget to communicate something or do something without thinking. Firstly, the premier must know, the premier needs to receive the correct, concrete information in such a way that she is not put in a difficult situation to discuss any circumstance that I have not brought to her attention,” the Interior minister said.

Regarding a possible government reshuffle, Dan specified that “there is a discussion” in this regard, especially that “it is not the first one.”

“There are voices saying that such a proposal needs to be discussed as well. No concrete decision has been taken so far, I have no fear in this perspective, it seems to me to be absolutely normal and which obviously needs to be discussed where political decisions are being discussed, in the ruling coalition and in the Social Democratic Party. Thus, if there is to be a reshuffle, I am convinced that a serious analysis will be carried out and the best decision will be made,” she affirmed.

Asked if she had felt a change in the prime minister’s attitude, following Dragnea’s condemnation, with regard to certain ministers or to herself, Carmen Dan argued that she had not “felt” this, except for “greater pressure.”

“I haven’t felt it. Maybe more pressure, greater care, a greater desire to convey a message of unity, and it is natural to be so, because it was not at all a moment, not even awaited, an easy moment, and it is important, I think, for every member of this team to close ranks and act as if we were all one person. This moment is absolutely necessary and we must not miss it,” concluded Dan.

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