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July 2, 2022

PNL’s Orban: Iohannis as head of European Council would offer Romania many opportunities

Liberal leader Ludovic Orban on Thursday night stated in reference to the possibility for Klaus Iohannis be elected president of the European Council, that he wishes for the latter to be the PNL candidate to Romania’s presidency, yet on the other hand, Klaus Iohannis would have the opportunity “to help Romania very much from this position” (of president of the European Council, ed. n.).

“The fact that they talk about the possibility that the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis could fill a position so important as the presidency of the European Council shows very clearly the reputation he is enjoying, his European recognition, the fact that a trustworthiness exists in the ability of the President of Romania to cover such a job. I’m confident that the president is mature enough, has the ability to make high analysis so that he makes the decision in this case. (…) Obviously I wish for President Klaus Iohannis be our candidate to the Presidency of Romania, yet for Romania the presence of president Iohannis in the position of European Council president would bring many opportunities and Romania’s president would have the occasion to represent Romania and help Romania very much from this position,” Ludovic Orban told the private Realitatea TV broadcaster.

Asked if Klaus Iohannis becomes president of the European Council the liberals are prepared to have another candidate for the presidential election, Orban said that Iohannis is currently  the PNL candidate for the position of president of Romania.

“The PNL will certainly have the candidate who will win the presidential election. But such a decision will be obviously made in this event I wouldn’t like to discuss right now. You’ve noticed that the president was extremely cautious and refused to comment the rumors or assessments that are elaborated in the media. The PNL candidate for the presidency of Romania is today Klaus Iohannis. The decision on the backing of the presidential candidate cannot be made by the party’s leader, it can only be made by the party’s National Council, but the PNL National Council has unanimously decided to back the candidacy of president Klaus Iohannis,” Ludovic Orban asserted.


” Gov’t has deliberately spurred inflation to raise wages”


Orban also said on Thursday evening that inflation has spiralled out of control in Romania and that in his opinion, it has been spurred by the government on purpose, in order to raise wages.

“We are the country with the highest inflation. (…) On the one hand, inflation erodes the population’s purchasing power, and on the other hand, inflation causes economic instability. (…) An inflation that is rather out of control because, I tell you frankly, I believe that this government has deliberately spurred inflation, for them to have reason to say: ‘Look, we kept our promise, we increased wages’, but this is just nominally, because in reality they didn’t manage to increase the citizens’ purchasing power,” Orban told private broadcaster Realitatea TV.

The leader of the National Liberal Party said that the budget execution over the first four months of the year shows that personnel expenditures have increased and the public employee apparatus is oversized.

“Look at the budget structure, at what expenditures have increased in the budget execution in the first four months: personnel expenditures have increased by 26 percent. They were already high, we already had an oversized apparatus, from the government structure that works with 28 ministers, 265 agencies, offices, authorities, with almost 200 Secretaries of State in the ministries alone, and over 40 devolved services, not to mention that at local level, especially in county governments, the administrative apparatus is excessive. And unfortunately, in the last two and a half years public institutions have been literally destroyed, because a lot of people without the necessary qualification have been stealthily signed up, only based on their party membership card, only on the basis of connections, kinship or nepotism, all kinds of goofballs and all sorts of characters who should have no place in a public institution. They were ushered in through the back door or, even more, they were even placed at the helm of the public institutions,” said Ludovic Orban.

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