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January 23, 2022

Dan Barna: The USR-PLUS Alliance will have a presidential candidate and a nomination for the PM

USR and PLUS are negotiating for the nomination of the presidential candidate and for the PM position, which will be presented together. The Chairmen of the two parties are discussing, but a decision to this end will be made in the next days, the Save Romania Union Chairman Dan Barna stated on Saturday.

“This decision is still being analyzed, it will definitely be from USR or from PLUS, but we haven’t decided yet how it will look, but we’re talking about a tandem – a presidential candidate and a nomination for the PM, exactly to make this offer credible, since on May 26 it was significantly supported by Romanians. We, USR-PLUS, are an alliance which is very likely to govern in 2020, the first step are the presidential elections – we will establish in the coming days how this tandem will look like. Right now, the discussion consists of establishing which party provides the presidential candidate and which party provides the PM candidate. Of course, the Chairmen of the two parties are taken into account. We’ll decide in the coming days how Romania’s future will look like. (…) For now, we’re discussing on how large the next step of our agreement will be, we introduce all the three electoral rounds – presidential, local and Parliament’s elections in this moment. There are several scenarios we’re working on, but we don’t have a defined decision”, Dan Barna stated at the end of the USR Political Committee, according to Agerpres.

He added that “USR believes that the alliance must continue in a logic of a proportionality and balance by which, on one hand, it is able to answer to the need to motivate both the USR and the PLUS members, and equally to create a credible perspective for the voters”.

Asked if a possible agreement with PNL is taken into account at the internal negotiations of the Alliance, he denied this. “Nothing that we discussed about this negotiation formula was related to the subject of any alliance with PNL. It is predictable that such things will be necessary after the elections, but for now, we must clarify how the Alliance will function, and later we will focus on some mechanism which are rather related to the local autonomy. Where our USR-PLUS branches will appreciate that the context requires an agreement for a single candidate… there will not be a decision to be in line on this subject, issued at central level”, Dan Barna answered.

At the Saturday meeting, USR also adopted a Code of Conduct, which, according to Dan Barna, “is related to defining the elements of a conflict of interest, the positioning inside the party, sending the public messages”.

“A Code of Conduct is a set of rules mutually agreed by us, through the vote given today, if it will be adopted today, in which censorship is not mentioned, but which mentions limits and rules by which a group of people who want to save Romania can go further side by side in this process. (…) There have been also colleagues who exaggerated with the freedom of publicly reporting some elements, and especially with how they did it”, the USR Chairman said.


 USR will join the ALDE European Liberal party


According to a decision made on Saturday at the party’s Political Committee, Save Romania Union will join the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) party.

The decision to join ALDE was made with 82 “pros” and four abstentions.

“After we contributed in forming a new parliamentary group, the third largest one in the European Parliament, USR joins the ALDE European Party, since we share common values and ides and since, in the perspective of some political negotiations that will go beyond the European Parliament’s framework, this is the only way in which we will be able to push subjects related to both Romania’s and USR interest. We will be able to participate in the development of the policies of the political family and we will be supported in promoting ourselves, we will benefit from exchanges of good practices in fields such as the campaign management. We will benefit from trainings and methodological support through the various organizations or foundations that depend on the party or are allied to it. At the same time, being a member of a European party like ALDE Europe will allow the alignment of the member parties on foreign or European issues of interest, for example a possible support on subjects regarding the Republic of Moldova”, the USR Chairman Dan Barna wrote on Facebook.

According to him, ALDE Europe has a solid representation network at European level: 108 MEPs in the Renew Europe group, the third largest political force in Europe, and today, 5 out of 28 European commissioners represent ALDE Europe. “Last but not least, six of the current Prime Ministers of the EU Member States belong to the ALDE member parties”, the USR Chairman added.

Until recently, ALDE Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s party, was part of ALDE Europe. Due to the many threats of exclusion from the leader Guy Verhofstadt, who accused the PSD-ALDE coalition of not respecting the rule of law and the fight against corruption, Calin Popescu Tariceanu decided to withdraw ALDE Romania from the European party.

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