Teodorovici confirms intention to take part in PSD’s internal competition to designate the presidential candidate : Because I want to show that a President can do, not just talk or keep silent. PSD’s Dancila: A common candidate of PSD-ALDE coalition to be introduced in opinion polls for presidential elections

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici confirms, in a Facebook posting, that he has expressed his willingness to take part in PSD’s internal competition to designate the party’s best presidential candidate, because he wants to show that a President can do, not just talk or keep silent. He also posted a campaign poster, which includes the ‘I Insist for Romania’ slogan.

“Yes, I have expressed my willingness to take part in PSD’s internal competition to designate the best presidential candidate. Yes, I thought that the time has come to truly bring unity to a divided society and more balance to a civilisation that sometimes hesitates to express its belief in inherited values, out of fear of not being labelled as unevolved and not visionary. Yes, because I have decided to show that there are solutions to the problems we are facing and that it is our duty, the duty of politicians first of all, to move from talking to acting. Yes, because I want to show that a President can do, not just talk or keep silent. Yes, because it’s not just about running or not, about winning a competition or not, it’s about doing something for Romania and for the destiny of the people I belong to, just as I have always done,” Teodorovici wrote on Facebook.

He states that his overture is “about those who take responsibility for both victory and defeat, who have proven that it can be done precisely where those who criticise showed that they only talk, and about those for whom Romania is the future, not just the country that they represent at one point.”

The Finance Minister says that he has the conviction that Romania will continue to grow in Europe and the world, with more hope, confidence and respect.

When asked for her comment on the fact that Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has announced his intention to run for President, Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Saturday, after PSD’s informal meeting in Neptun, that there are more colleagues who want to run in the presidential elections this year and that she has asked them to announce their candidacies within the PSD, because internal polls meant to establish who ranks best in the electorate’s preferences will be carried out next week. Liviu Plesoianu and Serban Nicolae are also among those who have expressed their interest in entering the internal competition to designate the PSD’s presidential candidate.

“I have asked all colleagues who want to run to announce their candidacies, because it’s good to know early on if some colleagues want to run in the presidential elections, precisely in order to see which of the colleagues have the biggest chances. These internal polls will be conducted starting next week. All those who have so far announced their candidacies and [those] who will probably still announce their candidacies halfway through next week will be included in the polls,” Dancila said after her meeting with PSD leaders.

Referring to the fact that Eugen Teodorovici has announced his candidacy, she added: “I believe there are more colleagues who want to. In democracy you must consider the desire of each person and in a party that truly wants to win the presidential elections we must see what the best option is,” Dancila said.


PSD’s Dancila: A common candidate of PSD-ALDE coalition to be introduced in opinion polls for presidential elections


In adddition, the Interim Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party  stated that a common candidate of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) coalition will be assessed in the opinion polls of the Social Democrats for the presidential elections.

“The candidate for the presidential elections should be the one who has the highest chances. (…) I talked to my colleagues in the National Executive Committee, we will introduce in our polls all the colleagues who expressed their wish to run for president, but also a common candidate of the PSD-ALDE coalition, in order to see what is the electors’ opinion and we will make a decision together with the statutory forums,” Dancila said on Sunday at Antena 3 private broadcaster.

She was asked whether Calin Popescu-Tariceanu would be included in these opinion polls.

“Certainly! We want to carry out a larger opinion poll. It’s important to carry out this poll in order to see where to start off and where we want to get. It’s clear that we want to win the presidential elections, but we also want to see what percentage we start from, see how we can maximise out chance to win the presidential elections,” PSD Interim Chairperson Dancila stated.

Dancila argued that she didn’t considered her candidacy in the presidential elections.

“I haven’t considered this thing. I am carrying out a poll on those who expressed the desire to run. I will be included in certain polls, alongside other leaders of the political parties in order to see where we stand in terms of party chairpersons,” the PM stated.

The PSD interim chairperson showed that a congress for designating the candidate in the presidential elections will be organised. Dancila mentioned that the modification of the party statute, as well as the party chairperson, the executive chairperson and the secretary general will be decided within the meeting of the extraordinary Congress, to be held at the end of June.

“Until Wednesday, any male or female colleague can submit their candidacy. I would like not to be the only candidate. All the male or female colleagues who want to run for a certain position in the leadership of the party can submit their candidacy, I would be glad to be as many candidates as possible. (…) The modification of the statute, because the party chairperson was elected by all the party members and now we want to return to the election of the chairperson by the Congress,” Dancila explained.

The PM argued that she has no preference regarding the people who are to take over the executive chairperson and secretary general offices within the PSD.

“I haven’t expressed any preference for a certain person. (…) There is a lot of speculation. I appreciate all my colleagues, I haven’t talked to anybody. (…) Anyone who wants to run, if he/she meets the statutory conditions and is supported by the branch he/she is part of, can run. I haven’t said that I prefer a certain person for the executive chairperson office or the secretary general office,” Viorica Dancila also said.

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