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November 14, 2019

National Flag Day, celebrated nationwide by flag-raising public ceremonies

The National Flag Day was marked on Wednesday by the public authorities and the other institutions of the Romanian state through the organisation of various cultural-educational or scientific events and specific ceremonies, dedicated to the country, and specific military ceremonies, organised by the units of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Interior.

June 26 was declared the National Flag Day by Law No. 96 of May 20, 1998, in remembering the day of June 26, 1848, when the revolutionary Government issued a decree by which the tricolor – red, yellow and blue – became the national flag of all Romanians.


President Iohannis: Our flag represents a cementer of the past, present and future


President Klaus Iohannis conveyed on Wednesday a message on the occasion of the National Flag Day, in which he shows that the tricolour represents a cementer of the past, present and future.

“Today, we are celebrating the National Flag Day, which, for more than 170 years has represented, for the Romanians everywhere, a symbol of our national identity, independence, sovereignty and unity. Under the pleats of the tricolour all the great events which marked the existence of modern Romania were carried out, as well as our country becoming a full member state of the European Union, NATO and strategic partner of the United States of America. Our flag represents a cementer of the past, present and future, which brings us to mind the sacrifices made by the entire nation so that we can have today a democratic and pluralist state, in which the fundamental human rights are protected and the principles of the rule of law are observed,” the head of state’s message reads.

He showed that “the hoisting of the tricolour has always been an emotional moment, in which we are proud to belong to our nation.”

“We are identifying the flag with peace, security and freedom, but we shouldn’t forget that it equally is a symbol of the responsibility that we all have to develop our society. By celebrating the National Fag Day, we are left with the moral duty to pass on to the younger generation, through personal example, the conscience of our belonging to our national values, as well as the fact that patriotism doesn’t mean just the emotion of a celebration, but also taking on the responsibilities of contributing to Romania’s progress. Dear Romanians, we are all united by one land, a single country and a single flag and together we are strong! Many happy returns to Romania and our tricolour!,” President Iohannis conveyed.

On Wednesday, the Cotroceni Presidential Palace will be illuminated with the colors of the Tricolour, the Presidential Administration informed.


PM Dancila: National Flag – a symbol of identity, past and the values that define us


The National Flag, a symbol of identity, past and the values that define us, moves us and brings back the light in our hearts in all the important moments of history and our successes as a nation, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday.

“We are celebrating today the National Flag, a symbol of identity, past and the values that define us. It moves us and brings back the light in our hearts in the important moments of history and our successes as a nation and brings us to mind where our origin is. On this day, I urge you to reflect upon the importance of patriotism and love for your country these days and to speak to the younger generations about our history full of sacrifices,” the Prime Minister wrote on her Facebook page.

She also added that “the anchoring of our national conscience ” and pride that we are Romanians “must stay alive” in all these moments of our existence.


MAE hails National Flag Day, which gives Romanians possibility of showing their attachment to a symbol


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hailed the National Flag Day stating in a release that “it gives the possibility to all Romanians to show their attachment to one of the symbols of our national identity and unity”.

“The flag is not just one of the distinctive conventional signs of a state, but also a fundamental symbolic element that stimulates and gathers around it the positive energies of a nations, while serving its ideals,” said the same source.

MAE brought to mind that the Romanian National Flag was historically certified in 1834, when the ruler of Wallachia, Alexandru Ghica Voda, got the Ottomans’ approval “to place the Romanian flag on the ships of merchants and of the army.”


DefMin voices his full respect for the symbol colors of the Romanian people


In a press statement released on Wednesday,  Romania’s National Flag Day, Defence Minister Gabriel Les says the significance of the celebration is special this year as it marks 15 years since the Romanian flag was first hoisted at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, while Interior Minister Carmen Dan invites young people to “lean more on the deep meaning” of the word “patriotism.”

On the 171st anniversary of the Romanian tricolor flag, Les voiced “full respect for the symbol colors of the Romanian people and his full gratitude to all those who, with heroism, courage and love of their homeland, sacrificed their lives by fighting under the Romanian army battle flags.”

“This year, the significance of this celebration is all the more important because it is 15 years since the flag of Romania was first hoisted at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels on April 2, 2004. By becoming a full NATO member back then, thanks to the essential contribution of its troops, Romania earned a chance to irrevocably validate its democratic and pro-Western vocation. Its NATO and the European Union membership, along with a strategic partnership with the United States of America, represent the solid pillars of the foundation of national security and landmarks in Romania asserting itself on the stages of diplomatic relations as a strong voice in Europe and elsewhere in the world,” Les said in his statement.

Photo: www.mapn.ro, Valentin Ciobarca

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