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December 3, 2021

Plesoianu, about Dancila: ‘Down with the deep state’ was written behind her, now she doesn’t know if it exists. She’s operated by remote control

Liviu Plesoianu, Viorica Dancila’s contender for the office of PSD President, accuses her of distancing herself from the battle against the deep state, waged until recently by the PSD, and says that “Dancila has surrendered the party to Mr Klaus Iohannis too.”

“As you well know, Mrs Dancila was on stage with me at the rally on 9 June 2018. Behind her was a very big screen that anyone could see, the hundreds of thousands of people who were in Victory Square, and ‘down with the deep state’ was written on it. In front of Mrs Dancila was a stand on which ‘down with the deep state’ was written. Now Mrs Dancila repeatedly says she doesn’t know if it exists because opinions differ. I can’t accept this. See, we can have ideas, we can enter polemics, we can have differing opinions, but the important thing is to stick to the idea we have had until now, not to change overnight… to pull our strings… she said that she is a different person now, that she has suddenly discovered herself, that she wasn’t herself until now, do you realise the Romanian Premier is saying she hasn’t really been herself until now.  I can’t help but think that she is operated by remote control, I can’t help but think that,” Liviu Plesoianu stated.

When asked who controls her, Plesoianu said: “I don’t know. People who are not part of the deep state because the deep state doesn’t exist.”

He also accuses that “Mrs Dancila has surrendered the party to Mr Klaus Iohannis too, Mrs Dancila did not want to carry out that restructuring back then, she sat continuously and waited for a reaction from Iohannis, including when it concerned the dismissal of Augustin Lazar, absolutely nothing happened any more. What is very certain is that very many people, regular people who vote for this party, are terribly upset with what is happening at this moment, because they feel betrayed.”


Liviu Plesoianu wants leadership of PSD and is Viorica Dancila’s first contender


House lawmaker Liviu Plesoianu filed his bid for the leadership of the PSD on Tuesday, thus becoming Viorica Dancila’s first contender for this office. However, Plesoianu complains of an alleged attempt to block his demarche.

“I understand there was dictatorship within the party before and now there is a lot of democracy; I want to see whether there truly is democracy, because based on what I’m hearing within the party – many rumours – it seems that an attempt is being made to block my candidacy and the candidacy of Codrin Stefanescu… Codrin’s hasn’t been blocked yet, but the rumour is they want to remove the office of secretary general, it’s rumoured, let’s see, I’m waiting to hear what Mrs Dancila says about this, that they want to remove the office of secretary general so that running for it at the party conference would no longer be possible, and the secretary general would be appointed within the ExCom, it’s rumoured, I hope it isn’t true, and in my case they are trying to block my candidacy similarly through a bureaucratic element, in the sense that I may have the support of 10 party branches but if I don’t have the support of the branch whose member I am then I won’t be able to file my candidacy,” Liviu Plesoianu stated.

He added that there are several party branches, without naming them.

Asked whether he believes Viorica Dancila is behind these attempts to block some candidacies, Plesoianu said: “I don’t know, Mrs Dancila said she wants democracy in the party. I want only one thing, I want to go at this party conference and speak for the millions of people who vote for us and who can’t understand how it’s possible for someone who expressed themselves in a certain manner prior to May 26 to express themselves in an entirely different manner after May 26.”

Liviu Plesoianu also announced his intention to be included in an opinion poll, in view of the nomination of PSD’s presidential candidate.

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