Sorina Case: Drobeta Turnu Severin court to decide whether little girl adopted by family of Romanians living in the U.S. will be able to leave Romania

Judges from the Mehedinti County Court have declined to the Drobeta Turnu Severin Court the competence to solve Acting Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu’s request to prevent the eight-year-old girl adopted by a Romanian family living in the U.S. from leaving Romania.

On Friday, Sorina – the eight-year-old girl – was taken away by authorities from the home of the foster carer who has taken care of her for seven years. The moment was filmed by persons close to the foster family and the videos were posted on Facebook. They show how the desperate child cries, clings to the foster carer and shouts “mommy I don’t want to go,” while a prosecutor pulls her away, drags her on the ground and takes her by force to a car, in order to be taken to her adoptive parents.

The event has triggered a wave of negative reactions, hundreds of persons demanding that the situation be clarified and the way the adoption took place be verified.

On Monday, Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu lodged with the Mehedinti County Court a presidential ordinance demanding that Sorina be prevented from leaving Romania. Likewise, Licu lodged a request for the revision of the sentence that approved the adoption and asked that the execution of the sentence be suspended.

The Judicial Inspection has also been notified, as a result of CSM President Lia Savonea’s decision regarding prosecutor Maria Piturca from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Craiova Court of Appeals, the prosecutor who took away the little girl.

The Ombudsman has reacted on its own initiative, its notification concerning the potential infringement of the constitutional provisions on the right to life and physical and mental integrity, and the protection of children and youth.

Mehedinti County Court Spokesman Adrian Ungureanu has stated for that a Mehedinti County Court judge decided on Tuesday that Acting Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu’s request falls under the competence of the Drobeta Turnu Severin Court.

“We are talking about a presidential ordinance, so the substantiation of the decision will be issued within 48 hours,” Ungureanu explained.

According to the mentioned source, after the decision is substantiated the dossier will be sent to the Drobeta Turnu Severin Court and then will enter the circuit.

On the other hand, the adoptive parents have written an open letter to Acting Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu, asking for the displacement of the case concerning the little girl’s departure from Romania, invoking public safety reasons.


Dancila says girl is counselled by social services specialists: Probes will continue because this adoption case raises many questions that need answers


Premier Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday that she received reports from the Labour Ministry and the Interior Ministry on the way authorities acted in the case of the little girl taken away from the home of her foster carer in Baia de Arama, announcing at the same time that the girl is receiving counselling from social services specialists. “The probes will continue because this adoption case raises many questions that need answers,” Dancila added.

“The representatives of the Labour Ministry are in touch with the family, and the child is being counselled, starting today, also by social services specialists. The probes will continue because this adoption case raises several questions that need answers. Many of these aspects must be clarified also as a result of the verifications and actions ordered by the CSM and the Public Ministry,” Dancila stated.

She said that the authorities are preoccupied with finding the best solution for the child and with offering the answers that the whole society is waiting for.

“Sorina must know that she is not alone, that very many Romanians anxious about her fate are by her side. We all want her to get over these difficult moments and we will do everything possible for her to be well,” Dancila added.


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