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October 2, 2022

PSD Congress elects new leadership: Viorica Dancila – chair, Eugen Teodorovici – executive chair and Mihai Fifor – secretary general. Dancila, to Social Democrats: Today you voted me to be first woman chair of PSD . “I don’t consider presidential run”

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila was elected, on Saturday, chair of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Eugen Teodorovici was elected executive chair and Mihai Fifor was elected secretary general.

Viorica Dancila garnered 2828 votes, Liviu Plesoianu – 715 votes, Serban Nicolae 375 votes and Ecaterina Andronescu – 50 votes. 22 votes were annulled.

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici was elected PSD executive chair, gaining 2463 votes. His competitors received: Daniel Suciu – 1358 votes, Daniel Florea – 129 votes, and Marius Bota, who had withdrawn – 19 votes. 21 votes were annulled.

Mihai Fifor was elected secretary general of the PSD, with 2366 votes. Gabriel Petrea gained 717 votes, Felix Stroe – 189, Codrin Stefanescu – 466, Rodica Nassar – 77 votes. 175 votes were annulled.


Dancila, to Social Democrats: Today you voted me to be first woman chair of PSD


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila thanked, on Saturday, all the delegates at the extraordinary congress of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), stating that through their vote she became the first woman chair in the history of the party.

The new Social Democrat leader showed that the results of the internal elections brings her both honor and responsibilites. She manifested her conviction that she will take PSD “to victory”.

“I want to thank you for the vote today! Your vote brings me honor, but also responsibilities. (…) Today you have voted me to be the first woman chair of PSD. I understand the responsibility and that your vote is closely tied to the hope, the wishes, the involvement of everyone towards the return of the PSD to the first pick in Romanians’ options. I am convinced that we will succeed, I am convinced that together we will bring our praty to victory, I am convinced that together we will make the best decisions both for the members of our party, as well as for Romanians, because PSD I believe is the most Romanian party in Romania, the party that always placed Romanians and Romania’s fate first,” Viorica Dancila stated.

The PSD chair asked the delegates at the congress to have faith, because now they “have in the party’s leadership a friend and a person who wants to be part of the results in every county”.

“I know it’s not an easy road, I know it will be complicated, I know that just now the fight is starting, but I know that a lot of people are with us, there is you who love this party, there are millions o


PSD new leader says she does not consider presidential run


The chair of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Viorica Dancila, said she will not consider running in the presidential elections in the autumn of this year.

The Social Democrat leader stated, on Saturday, that the PSD ordered a poll on the basis of which the candidate for the position of President of Romania could be designated, but her name was not included in the study.

“I did not consider this and, that is why, in the polls that we are conducting I appear only as political party leader. I did not think of this. I hope we have candidate from amongst the PSD and – why not? – a joint candidate that has a chance to win the presidential elections. In the polls we introduced this possibility as well. We introduced the names of those who’ve expressed their desire to run, a joint candidate and a candidate outside the party, but without nominating who this candidate is,” said Dancila at private broadcaster Realitatea TV.

Viorica Dancila claims the person designated by the PSD to run in the presidential elections will be in the second round of voting.

“I believe we must be very careful and go with the candidate that has the greatest chances of winning the presidential elections nad, moreover, the candidate that can rally the entire party behind him. We will surely go to the second round of the presidential elections. It is an objective and we have a strategy, we have a different approach in the PSD. We will tighten our ranks and we will reach the second round of the presidential elections,” Dancila added.


Regardless of what some want us to believe we are not second-rate country


She also stated on Saturday at the PSD congress, that Romania is “not a second-rate country” nor is it “powerless” country.

Dancila, who was running to be chair of the PSD, pleaded, in her speech, for a “social Europe” in which Romania matters.

“Let us not be afraid of change! Let us not avoid difficult discussions on the topics of the day, from climate change to the accelerated technological advancements. Romania must be ready, even a step ahead in order to develop correctly. We want a Romania that matters in a social Europe. Regardless of what some want us to believe we are not a second-rate country, nor a powerless one in the relation with our European partners. We have proven that we know the position we wish to have in Europe. Now, we must prove that we know what Europe we desire. A social, open and fair one for all its citizens,” said Dancila.


Solutions to ensure right to vote for Romanians must be implemented quickly


The Prime Minister also  stated that the solutions to ensure the right to vote for Romanians abroad must be implemented quickly and on the basis of a fair dialogue, with no electoral passion, “even if some appeal to electoral tactics due to a lack of solutions”.

“We received a powerful signal at the European Parliament elections from the citizens and we will take it into account. It’s clear that the solutions to ensure the right to vote for Romanians must be implemented quickly and on the basis of a correct dialogue, with no electoral passions, even if some appeal to electoral tactics due to a lack of solutions. I hail the establishment of the parliamentary committee that will take care of the new regulations that will end the problems regarding the vote of Romanians abroad. We have three solutions that I support unreservedly: extending the vote by correspondence to all types of national elections, instituting prolonged voting over several days in the diaspora, augmenting the number of polling stations abroad. I publicly request to the other parties and to the President to get actively involved in this problem and come with concrete solutions, not only critiques and blockages. But I confess to you that I don’t have high expectations,” Dancila said at the PSD congress.

She added that she however has expectations from the political maturity of the PSD, “a party connected to the true topics of interest for the citizens”.

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