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May 6, 2021

PM Dancila : In order to run for President I am supposed to be an engine for party

Social Democratic party (PSD) Chair Viorica Dancila said she may run for President, given that until now the party leader has also been the presidential candidate, but for this, he/she was supposed to be an “engine” for the party.

“Maybe I will run, because until now the party leader has always been the presidential candidate, but for this he/she has to be an engine, you have to see that in the opinion of the electorate you have a very high percentage of trust and then you have the obligation to take your party to a very good result, but as long as this still does not exist, for me, more important than the person is the party and the result we will get,” Dancila said on Sunday at private TV broadcaster Antena 3.

She said she had initiated several opinion polls to see whom the citizens support.

In her opinion, the profile of the presidential candidate must be that of a person with balance, not constantly looking for a scandal.

“From my point of view, what firstly counts is to see what the profile of the presidential candidate should be like: should he/she be a person who is constantly looking for a scandal, a person who is only the president of a part of the country’s citizens or a person with balance, who wants consensus, a good mediator, who actually represents all citizens. Anyway, in the next period we will conduct several opinion polls, we will see who are the first two. If they have a percentage that allows them to run, we can introduce other people so that we can finally go with the person who is supported by the electorate,” the PSD leader said.

According to Dancila, PSD is going through a difficult time and should not make any mistakes.

“We start from a difficult time and we are all aware of this, a low result in the European Parliament elections. 22pct is a low result, a situation where the party leader was arrested. For us, each step is very important (…) we must regain credibility, and gaining the credibility of the party must be reflected in the outcome of the presidential elections,” Dancila added.

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