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October 29, 2020

PM Dancila to discuss actors’ grievances with Culture Minister in attendance

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said Monday that she wanted to discuss with actors the grievances that made them took to the streets, adding that Culture Minister Daniel Breaz would also be in attendance.

“Tomorrow, I will set a time for talks, to see what the grievances are. I want to call to the meeting the minister of culture, so that we can make the best decision,” Dancila said at Parliament House at the end of a meeting of the governing coalition.


Culture Minister announces he will send the Control Body to the National Theater of Bucharest


Culture Minister Daniel Breaz announced on Sunday during a phone intervention at Antena 3 that he will send the Control Body to the National Theater of Bucharest (NTB).

“I will definitely order a check to be performed at the theater and this must not be seen as a revenge for what is going on, I simply want to see how the funds are exactly spent. It doesn’t seem normal to me to disinform through press statements. I heard part of your reports related to the fact that 54 people from NTB will be dismissed. This is a company collaborating with NTB, which has a certain service agreement with NTB, a company which I don’t know why was hired at one point, when NTB had such employees that could have carry out such activities. NTB budget is higher by almost USD 1 million compared to last year. This is all I have asked the manager, namely to spend money responsibly and think five times before signing a contract. This is my point of view and I insist on it. I don’t see why NTB has to sell tickets to its shows through a private company. I understood these are among the highest ticket prices in the country, compared to other theaters. I don’t why the actors go on strike as long as their salaries have been almost tripled”, Breaz stated for Antena 3, following the  actors’ protest who are  unhappy with the budget cuts that affect the cultural sector.




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