Bill on voting in Diaspora clears Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies, acting as decision-making body, adopted on Wednesday by a vote of 228 to one and 19 abstentions the bill amending a set of regulations on voting from abroad in presidential elections.

However, during the debates, House members rejected – in a 187-22 vote – the amendment stipulating that exit polls are to be published only after 12 a.m. on the final day of voting.

The bill amends the following laws: law no.370/2004 on the election of the Romanian President; law no.208/2015 on the election of the House and Senate and on the structure and functioning of the Standing Electoral Authority; law no.288/2015 on postal voting; law no.334/2006 on political party funding.

The bill was endorsed by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, with amendments.

One controversial amendment brought up during the committee’s debates concerned the drafting of supplementary lists of voters on paper support. The amendment was eventually admitted, on condition that the said drafting would occur only in case the IT system used for monitoring voter turnout and preventing illegal voting no longer works. The amendment was introduced by the PNL and USR House groups.

However, the amendment adopted the day before by the Law Commission, banning the release of exit polls before 24:00 hrs – Romania time, on election day, failed to clear the Chamber of Deputies’ hurdle by 187 to 22 and three abstentions.

Romanian expats will be able to vote over a three-day period, from Friday to Sunday.


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