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February 1, 2023

Telekom Romania launches Mobil Nelimitat in the Mega Image and Shop & Go store network

The month of July started with a new premiere on the mobile telephony market: Telekom Romania announced the launch of the Mobil Nelimitat product, available in both the own and partners’ store network, and in the entire Mega Image and Shop & Go store network. The new product offers the possibility for the customers to subscribe in less than five minutes, as an average time range. The partnership between the German telephony company and Mega Image materialized in less than two months since the first discussion on this project.


“At Telekom, all our products and services are developed based on customer insights. So that’s what customers do not want: long bindings, out of bundle charges when they reach their data limit, complicated bills. That’s why we developed Mobil Nelimitat! Mobil Nelimitat will be available in each and every Mega Image store, giving you unlimited voice, unlimited texts, unlimited data. And furthermore, you’ve got an easy activation process, you sign up, you get your bill digitally. We strongly believe that with Mobil Nelimitat we are getting into an era where we can make customer experience better, we are making subscription models easier, and this is actually our “Un-carrier”, stated Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer – Residential Segment, Telekom Romania.


Thus, clients buying Mobile Nelimitat have access to services right after introducing the card into the phone and calling 1234. Any time after activating the services initially valid for 30 days, they can choose to register their phone number on the telekom.ro/vreaunelimitat online interface, passing through several simple steps, to benefit, on a monthly base, without minimum contract period, of access to unlimited 4G, unlimited national minutes and SMS, plus 100 int’l minutes fix/mobile – all for a promotional price of 6 euro a month, VAT included (approx. 29 lei, VAT included). Clients who do not want to register can keep using the services on the prepaid card, by choosing the Mobil Nelimitat option.


In the stores of Mega Image and Shop & GO, the clients will find stands with the new product as sample source of information, as the SIM cards itself can be purchased from the cashiers, at the price set by the distributor, where they will be handled leaflets with details, inclusively the digital procedure for registering the subscription.  The Telekom representatives announced they don’t exclude that they will expand this concept in the future, also in other retail networks on the Romanian market.


According to the officials of the two companies, more than 140 cards have been sold on the first day, through the Mega Image stores.


“In a dynamic environment, we support our clients everyday by providing constant inspiration and innovation. This partnership, through which Telekom makes mobile telephony accessible to every client, is the perfect example of our dedication to make our clients’ lives easier. Therefore, we are integrating something entirely new in the shopping experience, a product meant to solve our clients’ needs of unlimited mobile services. This is how we continue our journey towards a new standard in modern retail” said Adrian Nicolaescu, VP marketing, communication and sustainability, Mega Image.


Andreas Elsner L Adrian Nicolaescu R


“Mobil Nelimitat is the living proof that we understand what the Romanians want. They want simple products and services, but with complex benefits. They want creativity, fun, commitment and interaction with the products and, moreover, they want mobility and digital access, products and services available anywhere, anytime”, Andreas Elsner continued.


Ruxandra Vodă Andreas Elsner Adrian Nicolaescu


“In three years, we want to reach a market share of 25% on the mobile telephony segment. If we don’t reach this share, it means we failed. This means we have to sell 800,000 cards per year. We must be sharks on this market. And I believe that with our today’s proposal, we have the winning formula”, added Elsner at the press conference organized on the occasion of launching the partnership between Telekom Romania and the retailer Mega Image.






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