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April 12, 2021

PNL’s Orban: The City of Bucharest is far from what intelligent administration means

The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, stated on Saturday that the city of Bucharest “is far from what intelligent administration means” which is an administration in the service of the citizen which ensures quality services and innovative solutions.

“I am thinking of the parking system, for example. You keep seeing the parking attendants taking money from people and issuing receipts. That is during working hours, because outside working hours there’s other people asking for protection tax. The city hall doesn’t even have the capacity to ensure personnel in this stone age system to administer all the parking spaces it holds. Traffic – there’s been investments worth 28 million euro to ensure smart traffic lights inside the inner circle (…) You must know that this system does not work. 28 million euro was invested and it does not work. There is no adequate maintenance contract,” Orban said, present at the second edition of the TNL TECH HUB – Smart Administration event organized by the National Liberal Youth.

According to the PNL chairman, Bucharest does not have a general urbanism plan and there is no urban database.

“The urban database. Today, if you want to build something, the city hall too if it wants to build something, it does not have the plan. (…) Although there is financing for cadastre, including private properties, with the state ensuring 60 pct of financing, in order to take ground measurements, to be able to register your property, the city hall never had the slightest interest in supporting private parcel owners so they could register their land. (…) It’s 2019 and there is no real inventory of the patrimony so that the city hall may register all its properties and clarify the uncertain situations regarding property that exist in the radius of the city of Bucharest. (…) Today, Bucharest practically has no general urbanism plan, which is the fundamental instrument for the development of a city, it is the cornerstone of every development strategy of a city that in Bucharest does not exist. It’s an old plan that was maintained, but which was obviously destroyed by all sorts of individual urbanism plans that have had as a target the superior capitalization of different plots of lands by different real estate developers with no logic, no sense in what regards the development of Bucharest,” Orban claimed.

He stated that in Bucharest one can find “the most backwards system for energy supply” in Europe.

Orban also claimed that mayor Gabriela Firea issued vouchers for the purchasing of bicycles without making bike lanes.

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