Ramona Ioana Bruynseels launches candidacy for presidential elections: The new Romania has woken up!

The first woman who entered the race for the Cotroceni Palace has officially launched her candidacy on Sunday, in front of 1,000 people  at the Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest. Ramona Ioana Bruynseels, a state counselor, is the Humanists’ candidate in the presidential elections of this autumn.

“For the daughter of some ordinary people from Cluj, this assertion: ‘I am Ramona Ioana Bruynseels and I am running for the Romanian President’ is a huge responsibility”,  she stated.

She spoke about the moment when she came back to Romania, after studying abroad and beginning to work in the central administration.

“I’ve become to work in the central administration, and I understood how much it depends on the human quality. The position doesn’t define the person, but the person can define the position. A person, any person, can make miracles if he or she really wants to. I and the overwhelming majority of the Romanians want to build a new Romania. A way to be proud of. The change we are talking about is the immediate reality in which we are living. The change has already begun. In the world of the Internet, nothing is or can be like 20 or 50 years ago. We cannot be lied, manipulated, kept with our eyes closed or the years covered. Do you think that the millions of Romanians who stayed in front of the polling stations did this for the sake of the political parties or politicians? They did it because they want the change. They didn’t do it for the great statesmen, whom we see hindering each other like the kids in the schoolyard. The queues at the polling stations, the civic campaigns on Facebook, the protests from downtown are caused by the desire for a change. Romanians can no longer accept to be led in a non-transparent manner and be pawns in the backstage games of the politicians”, the Humanist candidate added.

“The new Romania has woken up! (…) Even if some people didn’t understand, there are no longer privileged categories, untouchable castes, there are no longer parties who are always sure they will win. Those who won yesterday will lose their votes tomorrow if they don’t realize they received a blank check. The stars of today can be unknown tomorrow”, Ramona Ioana Bruynseels stated.

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