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June 28, 2022

Several French language educational institutions signed the “Charter of the French and Francophone Educational Institutions”

Several French language educational institutions, including nurseries and kindergartens, under the aegis of the French Embassy in Romania, in collaboration with the French Institute in Romania and the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the Embassy and with the representatives of the French people in Romania, signed the “Charter of the French and Francophone Educational Institutions”, in the context of the increasing demand for access to the French culture and language.

Through this document, the educational institutions in which French is a communication or teaching language established a common strategy and an action plan in order to reach their common objectives, including promoting the French language and culture, along with the local actors in this field, sharing human and material resources and mutual support.

The signatories of the Charter are: the French Ambassador, Michèle Ramis,  the “Anna de Noailles” Foundation, the Odyssey Group, the “Anna de Noailles” High School, the Carrousel Kindergarten, the “La Maison bleue” Kindergarten, the “La Petite maternelle” Nursery and Kindergarten, the consular counselors for Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Dana Gruia-Dufaut, Christian Lemaître, and Benoît Mayrand.

The representatives of these institutions meet on a quarterly basis, on the occasion of a meeting called “Plan – École Bucuresti”, aimed at identifying the ways to provide a smooth development of various projects, given that the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, established ambitious goals for the Francophonie in the educational field, including: doubling the number of students of the bilingual departments who received the “FrancEducation” certificate (the excellence certificate “FrancEducation” is awarded to the schools in which French language has an important place in their educational project), doubling the number of people who learn French within the French Alliances and doubling the number of students schooled in institutions with a French curriculum.

Some of the goals of the “Plan – École Bucuresti” are: supporting the quality development of the bilingual educational institutions, which are currently 24, favoring the access to the “FrancEducation” certificate (today, there are 13 educational institutions in Romania who have this certificate), creating a supporting plan in favor of professionalizing the French Alliances and the projects to open two new alliances, in Suceava and Oradea.

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