AEP: Total number of citizens entitled to vote registered with the Electoral Register stands at 18,964,514 on June 30

The total number of citizens entitled to vote registered with the Electoral Register stood at 18,964,514 on June 30, by 4,326 less compared with the last report posted by the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) on this topic, according to which, on May 25, there were 18,968,840 with voting rights registered with the Electoral Register.

According to a press release of the AEP, the difference is the result of the current operations carried out by the mayors in the Electoral Register attached to their territorial-administrative units.

AEP specified that, in the period between the date when the lists were made for the elections on May 26 and the date of June 20, the mayoralties operated a series of removals in the Electoral Register, as follows: 25,544 persons were removed following their death, according to the provisions of art. 37 of the Law no. 208/2015 on the election of the Senate and the Deputies’ Chamber, as well as on the organisation and functioning of the Permanent Electoral Authority, with the subsequent modifications and supplements; 189 persons were removed for belonging to the category that is subject to the provisions of art. 39 of the same law, regarding the removal from the Electoral register of the electors who were banned from exercising their right to vote or were banned.

A number of 144 persons have gained electoral rights after the expiry of the period during which they were banned from voting.

The number of electors who reached the age of 18 in the same period is of 21,263, which means that they were automatically registered with the Electoral Register by the Permanent Electoral Authority, based on the communication received from the People’s Registry and Database Administration.

“From the total number of Romanian electors in the Electoral register, a number of 18,263,728 live in the country ad 700,786 live abroad or have a CRDS passport,” said AEP.

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