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March 21, 2023

Tariceanu: Candidacy for presidential elections with higher chances of success would be joint PSD-ALDE

Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Tuesday that a candidacy with higher chances of success for the presidential elections would be a common ALDE – PSD one.

“As for the candidacy for the presidential elections (…) I will only say again that I have shown this availability. My colleagues know that I have, I would say, the necessary motivation to run for the upcoming elections. Given that a candidacy with higher chances of success would be a joint candidacy on our part and on behalf of the PSD, we will discuss after [July] 20, based on the opinion polls that we have and our PSD colleagues are conducting. We will firstly decide, I think, separately and probably, if necessary, together about a separate candidacy or the best conditions for a joint candidacy,” Tariceanu said at the end of the meetings of the ALDE Executive Political Bureau and Central Political Bureau.

He specified that the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, as a liberal party, aims to represent a certain electorate.

“The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, as a liberal party, aims to represent a certain electorate, which obliges me to submit this candidacy to represent this electorate, who has a liberal vision of society, the economy and so on,” the ALDE leader said.

Calin Popescu-Tariceanu affirmed that he discussed several times with PSD leader, premier Viorica Dancila, about his candidacy.

“Prime Minister Dancila also stated very clearly that they are also conducting an assessment based on surveys in which they tested more possible solutions and candidacies. (…) In the survey we have carried out Mrs. Dancila is not included, because she said she did not want to run for the presidential elections. The surveys we have carried out there are two very clear and suggestive elements – there is an overwhelming majority of those who have been interviewed and who opt for the solution of sole candidate both within ALDE, and within PSD, and for me, there is a 90 percent favorability among the PSD-friendly respondents, who vote with PSD,” Tariceanu said.

In his view, it would be “logical” that, since Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta proposes a coalition in the center-left area, there should be only one candidate.

“I have talked with Mr Ponta before, I will discuss after [July] 19, when he returns to the country, he has also practically made a proposal or a suggestion (…) to make a coalition in this center-left area that should also include Pro Romania. I have appreciated and retained my appreciation, certainly, I think it is the best formula, but surely this must be agreed not only between myself and Mr. Ponta, it must be agreed in three parties, that is, including PSD. (…) The simple logic of things says the following thing – since it proposes to make a coalition in this area, it follows that one candidate will surely be supported,” added Tariceanu.

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