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September 19, 2021

Sorina case: As adoption revision fails, acting AG Licu says law compels him not to sit and watch

Interim Attorney General Bogdan Licu said on Friday after denied his request to review the controversial adoption of a little girl from Baia de Arama that he would respect the judges’ decision, but the law compels him “not to sit and be a spectator.”

“We do not comment on court rulings. You know that I have never commented on rulings. This is a final ruling. There is no way to challenge it; it will be respected. What is left now is the presidential order currently with the Slatina Courthouse. I do not know whether or not a term has been set for the case. I wanted nothing but to respect the law and to do my duty. I have learned about the case form the news; I looked into it those weekend days and the law compels me not to sit and be a spectator,” Licu said.

He added that when he did the court filings he had the child’s interest in his mind.

The Craiova Court of Appeal on Thursday denied Licu’s request for the revision of the adoption of Sorina, the little girl from Baia de Arama. The girl will stay with the Sacarins, dual Romanian and American citizens who had adopted her.

Last week, the same court denied a request for the annulment of the adoption filed again by Licu.


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