Carmen Dan resigns as Interior Minister. PM Dancila critical of IntMin’s premature resignation announcement

Carmen Dan announced that she has resigned as Interior Minister, following a discussion that she had with Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Monday.

“A sincere and direct discussion, as I think it is normal for the political and institutional discussions to be held. I informed the Prime Minister of Romania that it is not necessary to vote in the Cex [National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party, ed.n.], which is why I told her that I hand in my mandate and I was somewhat interested in the reasons for this change. I understand that a non-performance criterion is out of the question, I understand that it is, alternatively, a political decision and I, of course, respect the decision. (…) I will not ask for anything since I deposited my mandate, so there will be no need for a vote,” Carmen Dan said on Monday, ahead of the PSD’s CExN meeting.

She showed that she also had a talk with the prime minister about the “street pressure”. “One year ago it did not disturb us, it disturbs us now (…) I expect her [the prime minister, ed.n.] to take notice of my resignation. I am only nervous to the extent that I have invested in this ministry and I hope that this ministry will remain at the top of the citizens’ trust. . (…)”I am leaving with my head held high. (…) I have nothing to reproach myself,” said Carmen Dan .

As regards the organization of the May 26 elections, she mentioned that everything that fell within the competence of the Interior Minister (MAI) “went all right”.

Asked about who will take over the MAI leadership, Carmen Dan replied: “I do not know if it has been definitely decided, but I would wish good luck to my colleague, Senator Moga.”

Asked if in her case the Social Democratic Party gave in to Klaus Iohannis, who had asked for her resignation, she said, “Yes, it seems that way.”


PM Dancila critical of IntMin’s premature resignation announcement


Premier Viorica Dancila said on Monday, just short after Interior Minister Carmen Dan announced her resignation from office before the meeting of the Social Democratic Party’s National Executive Committee, that some party members “haven’t learned anything and thought that coming out publicly before speaking in the statutory forum would earn them appreciation.”

Asked to comment some of Carmen Dan’s statements, according to which she had been offered no reasons for being dropped as a minister, and also if it is true that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has yielded to pressure by President Iohannis, the PSD national leader said: “I think that Mrs. Carmen Dan is misinformed, if she said that. The PSD will never yield to pressure by the President. We are entering a campaign against President Iohannis, so under no circumstances should we take decisions to help him.”

“I believe that some members of our party haven’t learned anything and thought that coming out publicly before speaking in the statutory forum would earn them appreciation,” added Dancila, who went on to say that such appreciation could only come from those who want to harm the party, “but when one is attached to a party, when one believes in that party, one should first make statements inside the party and go public only afterwards.”

“I asked every party colleague to do so, but it appears that for some the personal interest prevails over the interest of the party,” said Dancila, adding that Carmen Dan is not the only minister on the reshuffle list, but that she will announce who will be let go after the vote in the statutory forum.

The PSD National Executive Committee convened in a meeting at the Palace of Parliament Palace to decide on the formula of the government reshuffle, said PSD Chair and Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

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