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March 23, 2023

PSD Executive Committee to discuss reshuffle. Dancila: I only assessed eight ministers, I will continue

PM Viorica Dancila stated on Saturday, speaking about the Government’s reshuffle, that she only assessed eight ministers and she will continue, mentioning that she cannot tell what’s the number of those who are considered in order to be reshuffled, since this is a political decision, and the discussion will take place on Monday, at the PSD Executive Committee.

“The assessment of the ministers was performed this week. We haven’t finished yet. We will discuss about a reshuffle on Monday, at the Executive Committee. (…) After we will present this reshuffle in CEX, we will decide together who are the ministers to be reshuffled or not, at my proposal. I only assessed eight ministers, I will continue. I can’t tell you right now what is the number of the ministers (to be reshuffled – e.n.). Maybe there are ministers whom my colleagues will say we don’t need to reshuffle. I will make proposals, but this is a political decision”, Viorica Dancila said.

She stated on Thursday, for DC News, that she hopes that part of the Government’s reshuffle will be done by August 3, when the PSD Congress will take place, and added that she also takes into account an analysis for a restructuring in the autumn, or a two-step reshuffle.

“It is clear that we need a reshuffle, we also take into account an analysis for a restructuring in the autumn, but this analysis must be done very carefully. We’re not speaking of a restructuring just because we want a restructuring, we must weigh the good things, the less good things after the restructuring, what we get from this restructuring, and then we must come in front of the Parliament with this thing. I don’t believe we should make a restructuring in order to replace people, we make a restructuring in order to join ministries, to give a different configuration to the Government. We’ll talk about this, too, in August. But I think we will make a reshuffle now, where we need to. I hope part of the reshuffle will be done by August 3, when we will have the Congress. If we’ll not make the restructuring, I don’t exclude to make a 2-step reshuffle, since there are many ministries, as I pointed out earlier, I cannot wait until I will assess all the ministries. At first, I will assess half of the ministries and I will make the first proposal, and we’ll see if we need to change anything in the other half”, the Prime Minister said.

She announced that she has already started to assess each ministry, and as she completes the assessment of the 27 ministries, she will come in the Executive Committee, will discuss with her colleagues, so that she will make a reshuffle proposal for the cases in which the measures from the governing program are not fulfilled, or there have been certain things that make the Government lose its credibility, or if things can be improved.

Dancila refused at that time, too, to say what ministries are taken into account, mentioning that she will do this after the discussion she will have at the National Executive Committee.


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