Dan Barna on race between USR-Plus candidate and Iohannis in presidential runoff: For the first time, we’ll have two views on development instead of a battle between two personalities

Dan Barna, the presidential candidate nominated by the Save Romania Union (USR), stated on Tuesday, in Timisoara, that in case the USR-Plus Alliance enters the presidential runoff against President Klaus Iohannis, PNL’s presidential candidate, it will be for the first time that “we will have two views on development instead of a battle between two personalities.” Barna added that USR’s objective is also to register a result that would allow it to form a Government centred on it.

“It will be for the first time since the Revolution when there will no longer be a battle between casemates that will throw bricks and snowballs at each other; instead, it will be a positive campaign between two views on Romania. There will be the PNL view, with President Klaus Iohannis and what the PNL means for Romania, and, on the other hand, the USR-Plus view, our objective being to transform Romania into a country in which the youths want to stay. Today, half of Romania’s youths see their future outside the country. It’s a painful and very sad indicator as to what our future is, and the USR-Plus Alliance and I consider that our main objective is to reverse this indicator, to bring back the confidence that the youths and the Romanians can fulfil their destiny here, in Romania,” Dan Barna stated.

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