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May 25, 2020

PM Viorica Dancila presents before the EP results of Romania’s Presidency of EU Council: We have proven capacity to contribute to the Union’s added value

90 legislative files finalised and approximately 2,500 events and summits* Goal to end CVM – legitimate


On Tuesday, Viorica Dancila presented before the European Parliament (EP) the results of Romania’s Presidency of the EU Council. The ninety files finalised include the adoption of the framework for sanctions against cyberattacks, as well as actions against antisemitism, xenophobia and disinformation.

“It was important to show that the European institutions work for the citizens and especially that they generate results that improve their lives and offer an outlook for the future. I have the satisfaction of being able to say that Romania managed to do this. We took over this responsibility as a mission in the service of the citizens and of European unity. We deemed it necessary for all our actions to be centred on Cohesion – as a common European value. Romania has proven it can successfully perform against the backdrop of challenges and trends that cast doubt on the Union’s determination to make headway.

“We have proven Romania’s capacity to contribute to the Union’s added value, an aspect reflected in the consistent balance sheet we hand over: 90 legislative files finalised and approximately 2,500 events and summits. At the same time, we facilitated the adoption of 84 Council Conclusions on multiple topics of joint interest,” Viorica Dancila stated at the start of the European Parliament debates.

The Premier said she wants European citizens to remember Romania’s contributions to this project when they benefit from a more transparent access to the labour market.

“By exercising this mandate, we wanted to have visible, sustainable results that citizens can easily and clearly relate to. These results confer a veritable identity upon our first Presidency, one to which I believe we can all relate.

“For instance, I would like to believe that when a European citizen benefits from a fairer and more transparent access to the labour market, which would allow him to better balance their professional and private lives, they will know that these decisions were taken during Romania’s Presidency. Similarly, I want to believe that the European citizen will feel safer and more protected within the Union’s borders also thanks to the efforts of our Presidency. We managed to take a qualitative leap in this direction. Henceforth, more efficient checks will be possible at the external borders, we will improve the security of IDs,” Dancila added.

The Head of Government claimed that Romania has registered results on all four priority pillars of the Presidency of the Council of the EU:

“The Europe of Convergence, Europe of Security, Europe as Global Actor, Europe of Common Values. As part of the Europe of Convergence pillar, the Romanian Presidency made intense efforts to push forward the negotiations on the future Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, on both political and sectoral levels. Likewise, we managed to finalise negotiations on a considerable number of legislative files concerning the consolidation of the Banking Union and Capital Markets Union, and we ensured a long-term vision on the Single Market. At the same time, the concrete results registered in fields such as the internal market, in all its dimensions – energy, social affairs or climate change –, are elements that will remain benchmarks and are already being taken over by our Trio partners, Finland and Croatia. At the same time, the challenges of the digital age, including artificial intelligence, have been tackled through the first set of Union Conclusions on these topics. Our Presidency has brought an important contribution to finalising the digital single market through the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market,” Dancila stated before the European Parliament.

She mentioned the EU Council’s determination to apply sanctions against persons involved in cyberattacks that threaten the EU.

“In order to improve the response to cyberattacks, a framework of sanctions was adopted. Thus, for the first time, sanctions will be applied against persons involved in cyberattacks that threaten the Union or the member states. Romania will continue to act in this field, seeking to host a European agency specialising in this regard,” Viorica Dancila added.

The migration file was another file to which Romania brought its contribution.


Viorica Dancila spoke in the European Parliament about Romania’s full integration into the Schengen Area and the closing of CVM


PM Viorica Dancila stated on Tuesday during the plenary session of the European Parliament from Strasbourg that Romania must fully integrate into the Schengen Area, and by exerting the Presidency of the EU Council, our country proved the legitimacy of the desire to close the CVM.

“We undertook that we will act in order to strengthen the European project, and throughout the six months of our term, we proved that pro-Europeanism must be fed through a constant action. I got personally involved with all my dedication into the smooth running of this Presidency, also due to a personal motivation, caused by my profound commitment to the ideal of the European project. I am part of the generation that grew up with this aspiration to the fulness of the European integration and its recognition for Romania”, Viorica Dancila stated on Tuesday during the plenary session of the European Parliament.

The head of the Government added that the European project must not be one of a multi-speed Europe or of the concentric circles.

“I believe this feeling of recognizing the significance of the Union for citizens needs to be permanently cultivated through concrete results. Our project must not promote a multi-speed Europe or concentric circles. Romania will continue to promote the common goal of strengthening the European project, at the same time pursuing to finalize its integration. Of course, I am speaking about the full integration of our country into the Schengen Area, within which we are already acting as a de facto member”, PM added.

She also said that Romania will have a pragmatic approach in promoting the principles of the Declaration of Sibiu, and, by the performances of the Presidency of the EU Council, our country proved that our desire to close CVM is legitimate.

“We will continue to act by a pragmatic manner, in order to promote the Principles of the Declaration of Sibiu, further being deeply attached to the respect of the democratic values and the rule of law. It is important that there will not be differences between the Member States, faults that cause different standards for the European citizens. By exerting the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Romania confirmed the full Member State status, which proves the legitimacy of our aspiration to close the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM). I continue to strongly believe that our future, the future of all of us, cannot be imagined otherwise than within a stronger and more cohesive Europe, for which we have worked enthusiastically, with confidence and professionalism, over the last six months”, Dancila explained.

PM also stated that she has the belief “that the efforts of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council are a solid basis in order to continue to promote the European agenda in the coming period, and I wish good luck to the Finnish Presidency of the Council in its mission in the next six months”.


During the EU Council Presidency, Romania managed to be a very good mediator and a consensus facilitator


Romania managed during the EU Council Presidency to be a “very good” mediator, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila told the European Parliament plenary meeting on Tuesday, adding that Romania would have wanted to achieve more things, but it is not easy to create consensus among 28 member states where priorities differ.

“Indeed, Romania held the rotating Presidency at a time full of challenges which the European Union hadn’t had before. I am referring to the Brexit process, to the fact that there were the elections to the European Parliament, which made that all the Presidency activity be carried out in the first part, in the 100 days. It’s true we would have wanted to conclude 100 files in 100 days, but we only concluded 90, but I believe Romania took steps forward and, indeed, for Romania it is a reason of celebration for the entire people, for all those who believe in Romania and who want to represent Romania with dignity. It’s true that we could have done more things, that we would have wished to do more things, but it’s not easy to create consensus among 28 member states where priorities differ and we know that during the rotating Presidency we have to be a very good mediator and a consensus facilitator, and I believe Romania did this and managed to achieve these results,” Dancila said at the debate on the review of the Romanian Presidency at the EU Council, which took place in Strasbourg.

The PM also referred to the stage of negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework. “It’s true, I am positive that the new Parliament, the European institutions will obtain results in respect to the financial projection, however, in this chapter as well, Romania took important steps both in terms of the Cohesion Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy. Projects can continue, but of course, for a project to have all the efficiency we wish for, it should be doubled by a proper financial projection,” Viorica Dancila maintained.

According to her, Romania chose as a main theme of its Presidency at the EU Council cohesion out of the belief that this is needed in the European Union.

“We need unity in the EU, because only if we prove cohesion, we will be able to make important steps. And might take bigger steps by ourselves, but I am convinced that we will take thorough steps together. That is why, I believe cohesion is very important not only during the rotating Presidency, but I believe cohesion must guide the actions of the European institutions in the future as well,” Dancila said.


We are analysing each point of GRECO; magistrates to find consensus if justice independence desired


She said the Romanian Government was analysing each point of the GRECO report referring to Romania, but that on this topic magistrates should find a consensus, if justice independence is truly wanted.

“About GRECO, we are analysing each point of GRECO, but I believe they should also take a look at Belgium, a member country, there are 15 recommendations, out of which they implemented only one, we must not intervene on GRECO, but the magistrates should. If, indeed, we want justice independence, magistrates must find consensus, and it mustn’t be implemented by us,” Dancila said on Tuesday at the debate on the review of Romania’s Presidency at the EU Council, organised in the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg.

The PM has thus replied to some critics brought during the debates on this topic by the Group of Greens in the EP co-chair Philippe Lambert.


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