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June 26, 2022

Dan Barna , proposed as the USR-PLUS candidate in the presidential elections. Dacian Ciolos, validated for the PM position

The USR-PLUS alliance decided, after internal negotiations, that Dan Barna will be the presidential candidate of the alliance, while Dacian Ciolos was validated for the Prime Minister position. The announcement was made on Sunday by the two leaders of the 2020 Alliance.

“Our objective is that I, as the USR-PLUS candidate, will enter the second round of voting. There’s an obvious probability that the other candidate in the second round will be President Iohannis, the PNL representative. It will be a sign of normality and health recovery for Romania, to have the possibility to choose between the PNL candidate and the USR-PLUS candidate in the second round of voting”, stated Dan Barna at a press conference.

Dacian Ciolos, who was validated for the PM position by the 2020 USR-PLUS Alliance in case they win the elections, stated that Romanians want a change, and PSD is a non-democratic party.

“Romanians are waiting for the things to get changed in the country, fundamentally and structurally, they’re not waiting only for patches, here and there. What is happening and what will happen in the coming months will prove to Romanians that the mobilization they showed in the EP elections and in the elections of the last three years produces changes also in the Romanian politics. There are big chances that, for the first time in the last 15-20 years, we will have candidates coming from democratic forces in the second round of voting, because unfortunately we cannot consider PSD as a democratic force, there’s a clique force there, in which groups of interests are acting jointly, taking hostages, maintaining areas of poverty. These things must stop in Romania”, Dacian Ciolos stated.

He added that the objective of the 2020 Alliance is “to obtain a parliamentary majority in order to change the Constitution and implement the governing program”.

The two political entities involved in this alliance have reached a protocol after negotiations on Friday, with the next step to be its validation by the National Bureau of the USR and the National Council of PLUS.

USR Deputy Ionut Mosteanu has told AGERPRES that negotiations will continue for the local and parliamentary elections.

“The news that hit the public space [namely that Dan Barna will be the presidential candidate – editor’s note] came from sources from the meeting of the USR and PLUS negotiation committees. However, I will talk to Dan Barna and my colleagues first, to see what they discussed there, but this seems to be the direction of negotiations so far and it’s also what I expected. Meaning that we said it before we will continue together and also that we will probably have Dan Barna running in the presidential elections and Dacian Ciolos as a Prime Minister proposal. In the next interval we are going to conclude an electoral protocol to be ratified by the Political Committee due on August 3, an electoral protocol of the alliance and, basically, we will conclude thus the discussions for this round of the elections, the presidential ones, following the two committees to meet later and come up with solutions for the next elections, the local and parliamentary elections,” said Ionut Mosteanu.


Reactions after Dan Barna officially announces presidential bid


 Fifor: We might notice that Barna is nothing but an old public contracts juggler


PSD Spokesman Mihai Fifor has challenged Dan Barna, confirmed as USR-PLUS’s presidential candidate, to show the public contracts he ran. Fifor has added that “the new man in politics” Dan Barna is nothing but an old public contracts juggler.

“At the end of the negotiations between the leaders of the USR-PLUS Alliance of Slogans, we found out that Dan Barna has allied with PLUS, “as a bet with Romania.” Interesting way of relating to the fate of one’s own country. Moreover, Barna offers us, once again, the “great chance” of having as Premier, once more, the founder of the “Zero” Government, Mr Dacian Ciolos, the one who, “justified” by nil results across the board, takes the liberty to give lessons to the only responsible and efficient Government, the PSD-ALDE Government. Returning to Mr Barna, we too make a bet with him. We bet that, honest as he pretends to be, he will show transparency in the following period in what concerns all contracts he ran with the state. We might notice, once again, that the “new” man in Romanian politics, Dan Barna, is nothing but a very old public contracts juggler, who is now fighting to protect his own interests and the interests of those who want to bring the “Zero” Government and Premier back to Romania,” Mihai Fifor wrote on Facebook.

He added that the PSD will not allow the country to enter, once again, the gridlock of 2016.

“The PSD will not allow these fake political actors to plunge the country, once again, in the gridlock we took over in the winter of 2016. The technocrats of those days are nothing but the slogan spreaders of today!”, Fifor added.


Codrin Stefanescu: Establishment has announced its decision, so we could all go to hell


Former PSD Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu reacted on Sunday after the USR-PLUS Alliance nominated Dan Barna as its presidential candidate. “The establishment has announced its decision, so we could all go to hell,” Stefanescu posted on Facebook.

“The establishment has announced its decision today. Barna presidential candidate and Ciolos Premier! Everything is going according to plan. So we could all go to hell!”, Codrin Stefanescu wrote on Facebook on Sunday.


Catarama: Ciolos the communist and Barna the neo-marxist, picture of the perfect danger for Romania


Liberal Right leader Viorel Catarama points out in a press release that Dan Barna as President and Dacian Ciolos as Premier is the picture of the perfect danger for Romania.

“The USR-PLUS Alliance has nominated its candidate for PM’s office: a communist named Dacian Ciolos! And, in a duo with Dan Barna, a neo-marxist who fights against local capital and supports only the activity of multinational companies, we have the full picture of the huge danger that would be in store for Romania in case these supporters of the globalist left were to take over power,” Viorel Catarama points out in a press release remitted to MEDIAFAX.

The leader of the Liberal Right states that Dacian Ciolos adopted communist measures when he was Premier.

“The arguments are solid: while he was PM, Mr Ciolos capped prices and tariffs by law; militarised a secret service; ferociously attacked the private sector (see the Bradet case); tried to transfer private sector assets to state property (nationalisations); tried to bring culture under state control. All these are communist measures, they are not even socialist!”, Catarama added.

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