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January 16, 2021

ForMin Teodor Melescanu: Romania attaches a great importance to the bilateral relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt

On the 67th celebration of the Revolution Day and National Day of the Arab Republic of Egypt, of its unparalleled history, its rich and fascinating cultural heritage, as well as its essential role in regional peace, security, and stability, I have the privilege to convey to the Egyptian people, my warmest congratulations and sincere wishes of peace and welfare.

Romania attaches a great importance to the bilateral relations with the Arab Republic of Egypt, a traditional partner, with a significant common history of cooperation and human interactions. Over time, our bilateral ties have developed steadily, and the celebration, in 2019, of 113 years of diplomatic relations, is a proof of their strength. We overcame the barrier of different governance regimes, as well as the complications caused by the international crises of the various periods.

Our cooperation in many fields has also developed in the recent years, based on our common interest in exploring the opportunities we have in front of us. The bilateral agenda encompassed in the last years a series of visits at different levels and in many areas of cooperation. We had, this year, a very intense political dialogue, at the highest bilateral level, as well as within the multilateral framework. I refer here especially to the visit of President Klaus Werner Iohannis to Sharm El-Sheikh, in order to attend the first EU-League of Arab States Summit (February 24-25), and the recent official visit of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to Romania (June, 19-20).

Past and present relations between Romania and the Arab Republic of Egypt have created the foundation on which to continue building a mutually beneficial collaboration. Thus, it is our firm belief that together we can explore different paths of strengthening cooperation in various fields of common interest – political, economic, cultural, and also in terms of people to people contacts.

Our bilateral economic cooperation witnessed an upward trend, despite difficult global conditions, and it encompasses, nowadays, a vast array of sectors. The Arab Republic of Egypt remains one of Romania’s main commercial partner in the Arab world. In 2018, the bilateral trade volume reached almost 1 billion USD and the positive trend continued in the first quarter of 2019. We organized, this year, the third round of the Joint Intergovernmental Committee for economic, scientific and technical cooperation, which took place in Cairo, on February 26-28, 2019, and that paved the way to a new boost of our economic and sectorial ties.

Romania attaches a great importance to the cultural and educational dimensions. An important contribution in strengthening our bilateral relation was brought in by our rich history of academic collaboration. Romania particularly values and appreciates the fact that the tradition of Egyptian students enrolling in Romanian education institutions and young Romanians pursuing academic studies in Egypt is still ongoing today.

Romania has been a friend of the Arab Republic of Egypt inside the European Union as well, including by supporting all its important programs for providing assistance to Egypt on its path towards development. During the Presidency of the EU Council, Romania has proven to be a strong supporter of maintaining a climate of positive cooperation between the EU and Egypt aimed at further developing the ties between both sides in areas of common interest such as security, the fight against illegal migration and terrorism.

We are facing now huge challenges that call for creative ideas, legitimate hopes, and bold visions for the future, post-conflict agendas, and the so much needed peace. Within the volatile security situation in the Middle East, Egypt continues to be a pole of stability.

Based on the friendship established between Romania and the Arab Republic of Egypt, I am confident that our bilateral relations will continue to flourish in the coming years.

On this occasion of celebration and joy, I wish the Egyptian people a Happy National Day!

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