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June 25, 2021

PSD’s Plesoianu announces he will candidate as independent in the presidential elections

Social Democratic Party (PSD)  Deputy Liviu Plesoianu on Tuesday announced he will candidate in the next presidential elections as independent, while inviting “all parties that care for the roots of this nation” to join him.

“Viorica Dancila will candidate on behalf of the CExN party. I will candidate on behalf of the Romanians, of the people I believe in back in 2012 and in 2016, like I believed in the possibility that we rise to stand on our own feet (instead of happily polishing other people’s shoes), in having a true justice (and not one that destroys the soul of a child by actually dragging her on the ground), in returning Romania to its destiny as a country meant to create bridges between countries (instead of just being a pleased servant, always moved around on a foreign chess table), in replacing the human being at the core again and re-humanizing society, politics, education, labour relations (instead of just continuing to build sandcastles that will crumble at the smallest wind gust), in making politics as a free man (instead of being the puppet of some groups, internal or external, of economic and political interests, in the services area that went out of control or some supranational organisations),” Plesoianu wrote on Facebook.

He added that he will also candidate for those who believed in the possibility of treasuring the Romanians’ cultural and spiritual roots, “instead of just becoming clones lacking their own identity heading to the abyss of the so-called “progressivism,” and also for those who want to replace the human being at the centre, “pure people wishing to help their fellows, and not politicianists and hypocrites who are only mimicking without much success their love for the people.”

“That’s why I invite all the parties who still care for the roots of this nation to join hands and walk together on this road! I invite you, worthy and free people of this nation, to join hands and make an animated round dance that will defeat any squalid political calculations, any occult plans that are make above our heads and above everything else! I will candidate as an independent in the presidential elections this year, with the support of all those who believe in this message! Let it be that, 30 years later from the Revolution, courage and not fear wins, justice and not injustice, free speech of the free man and not the guilty silence, true Romania and not small Romania!,” said Liviu Plesoianu.

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