Tariceanu, designated as ALDE presidential candidate: I thank my colleagues, this entails a huge responsibility

Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu announced on Wednesday that he was confirmed by the party’s leadership as the candidate for the presidential elections this autumn.

“I had a long discussion with my colleagues, a long debate, in which I presented some of the considerations underlying my decision to join this electoral race. I thank my colleagues very much for their vote of confidence. This entails a huge responsibility on my part towards them, but also towards those who pin their hopes to my candidacy, I am referring to those who are not ALDE members but who are sympathizers and who think such a candidacy is a good solution for Romania’s future,” Tariceanu told a press conference.

“In the last few days, all the political stage was invaded by information on candidacies, non-candidacies, alliances, etc. As you know, there was an old discussion within the coalition related to the appointment of a common candidate, who should have been appointed according to certain objective data, I mean sociological results. The results indicate very clear data, over 80% of the people believe that a common candidacy should be considered in relation to me. Unfortunately, during the discussion with PSD and Mrs. Dancila, I received the same answer to these arguments, namely PSD is a too large party not to have their own candidate. Not having your own candidate means that the party is smaller. I believe PSD is haunted by a defeat feeling, I mean they are planning to do much too little, they don’t plan to win the elections”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated at the Parliament, after ALDE’s meeting in which he was appointed as the party’s presidential candidate.

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