Viorica Dancila: I believe I have chances in presidential elections, I have chances against Klaus Iohannis, too

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairperson, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, holds that she has chances against the current head of state, Klaus Iohannis, included, in the presidential elections this autumn, adding that she has always proven that she can “be the prime minister of all Romanians” and therefore she can also be “the president of all Romanians.”

“I believe I have chances and I think that I have a chance against President Klaus Iohannis too, because I have always proven that I can also be the prime minister of all Romanians, therefore I can also be the president of all Romanians, I have shown that for me consensus is important, balance is important, solidarity is important, what I do for Romania and for the Romanians is important. And I think that this is what the Romanians need,” Viorica Dancila said at the end of the meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee, asked if she thinks she has higher chances than Iohannis in the presidential election, as one of her Social Democrat colleagues, Paul Stanescu, reproached her that she will not win because the electorate will associate her with the image of former party leader Liviu Dragnea.

Viorica Dancila added that the period in which “we divide the Romanians into my Romanians and the Romanians of other parties, in my government and the government of others” “must cease.”

“I think I have shown that I can represent my country abroad with dignity, and we know that the president’s duties are foreign policy and security policy, and I believe that all these things will be appreciated by the citizens. I think I can prove that a campaign can be carried out on projects, on consensus, on good things for the citizens and not on offenses or verbal violence. I believe that I can prove in the next period that a president must be the president of all Romanians and that for the first time in the history of this country we can have a woman president. If I was Romania’s first woman prime minister, the first woman party leader, the first president to lead the rotating presidency of the EU Council as a woman, and I have demonstrated that I can achieve performance, I think citizens can trust that it is the time of a female President of Romania,” Prime Minister Dancila said.


We will win elections; running means I take responsibility to lead party to victory


The leader of the Social Democrats showed confidence in the party’s chances of winning the presidential election, underlining that through her candidacy she has taken the responsibility of leading the PSD to victory.

Asked at the end of the PSD’s National Executive Committee (CExN) if she will resign office as Premier in case of a failure in the presidential election, Dancila replied, “Why do we want to invent a scenario? (…) If I hadn’t taken the responsibility, I would not have run. The fact that I’m running means I take responsibility to lead the party to victory, so I’m assuming my candidacy. Why do you think we’re going to lose the elections? We’ll win.”

As to the fact that the variant of a PSD-ALDE presidential candidate was not chosen, the prime minister said that this was the decision of the party’s National Executive Committee.

“That was the decision made in the National Executive Committee, it was not I who decided, there was a vote in the National Executive Committee,” she said.

Asked why the opinion polls on individual candidates were not presented in the PSD’s CExN, but only those on parties, Dancila explained: “Why should I have presented polls given that Mrs. Firea did not want to run anymore?”


“PSD members who publicly voice opinions that harm presidential candidate could face sanctions”


She also said at the end of the National Executive Committee meeting that the Social Democrats have proposed the adoption of a resolution according to which party members publicly voicing opinions that harm the political formation or the presidential candidate should be sanctioned by the leadership bodies.

“Within the National Executive Committee, my colleagues proposed the adoption of a resolution that would include an important aspect for our party, namely that, as we enter the logic of the electoral campaign, it is important that we state our opinions, whether we like them or not – in democracy, everyone should be free to express their opinion – within the statutory fora, and those who will go public with various statements, opinions that harm the party or the presidential candidate be sanctioned in the National Executive Committee,” the prime minister specified.

The PSD leaders met on Tuesday at the Palace of Parliament in order to decide the party’s candidate for the presidential election, to be confirmed by the PSD Congress on August 3.

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