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May 7, 2021

PM Dancila about 10 August events: When the entrance to Romania’s Gov’t is forced, I believe it looks like a coup d’etat. IntMin Moga : August 10 riot police intervention unfortunate

Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila mentioned, when referring to the events which occurred on 10 August, that the attempt to enter through violence in the Government building represents a unacceptable thing and “it looks like a coup d’etat.”

“When there’s an attempt to enter Romania’s Government [building], the entrance to Romania’s Government is forced, I believe that this thing looks like a coup d’etat. Perhaps, those who were in the Victoriei Square denounced certain things, maybe they were right… I don’t know this thing, I was on vacation, but I know one thing, that they tried to enter Romania’s Government building. Look at any EU member state. If someone is forcing [the entrance] and trying to enter in Romania’s Government [building], how would you label this thing? (…) The moment when you try to enter the Government building through violence, this thing is unacceptable. I don’t know who was wrong. They should pay. As per my understanding there are cases, investigations are conducted … The ones who were wrong on either side should pay. I have no suspicion. I do not think it’s normal for me to judge one side or the other. We have justice and justice will establish the guilty people, but what seemed abnormal to me is forcing the Government building. Today, one enters the Victoria Palace building by force, tomorrow, the Cotroceni [Presidential Palace] is forced. This thing is unacceptable and nowhere is this thing accepted. And I’ve seen, there were imagines, there are documents proving this thing,” Dancila told Digi 24 private broadcaster.

The PM also said that justice should sanction both the law enforcement who proved “an excess of zeal'”and those who assaulted the gendarme women.

In terms of the documents related to the Gendarmerie’s intervention, Dancila mentioned that it seemed “illogical” that prosecutors don’t have access to them.

“I don’t think the prosecutors don’t have access to these documents. I find this thing illogical. I believe that the prosecutors have access to these documents and I am convinced that the Interior Minister should do all that is possible and all that it is legally allowed in order to find the truth. Finding the truth is important to both the Gendarmerie and the people who were in the Victoriei Square.


IntMin Moga : August 10 riot police intervention unfortunate


The new Interior Minister, Nicolae Moga, said on Thursday that the controversial riot police’s clampdown on an August 10 street rally was “an unfortunate event,” adding that he wants no more citizens being battered by the riot police as long as they follow the law, and no more riot police officer being battered or offended by citizens.

“This position of interior minister is a political office in a militarised organisation. It is not possible for a minister of internal affairs to not co-operate with all the organisations, because intelligence collaboration is very important. August 10 was an unfortunate event, it was a mixed bag. I ask that no citizen, no Romanian be battered by a gendarme as long as he or she follows the law, and that no gendarme be battered or offended by some law-breaking hostile citizen (…) These are very clear things to me. In a democracy there is the freedom of expression (…), but be aware that we need to understand how to work, what system to apply to the public peace. Do we like the system of the EU, which full members we are, that of Germany, France? As it is over the ocean in America? Then let’s talk and do things like there. For now, we have a law, some regulations that must be strictly observed,” Moga said at the main offices of the Interior Ministry (MAI).

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