Hungarian PM Orban at the Summer University in Baile Tusnad: In the past five years, EU made many fatal errors

Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban, on Saturday stated, while visiting the Summer University in Baile Tusnad, that in the past five years the European Union made “fatal” errors, among which he mentioned the way it taken care of the migration phenomenon, and said we need to fight “the internationalist Liberalism.”

“In the past five years, EU committed many fatal errors, two of which worry me the most: first of all migration and second of all what happened in the economic field. The error concerning migration can still be corrected, (…) and the Council of Ministers must be set up to take care of this problem from now on. Everything that has to do with migration should be taken care by the Council of Ministers,” Orban said, according to the official translation.

He also said he was concerned with the current trends in the European economy and that the “competitiveness” spirit must prevail against the restoration of “a new socialist economy.”

“In what concerns the economy, decisions related to the economic aspect of the EU need to change too, for what we do now looks like self-destruction. Europe is much bigger and much stronger than it seems to be able to prove it, to show. Instead of building an European socialism, we need to go back, for we see that they want to restore a socialist economy in every state, while we actually need to give up this trend and choose competitiveness in economy instead. Successful economies, and I am not speaking of Hungary right now, like Poland, the Czech Republic, need not to be attacked, but rather to be supported. We must give up this new socialism, for we need jobs and fiscal facilities. The bureaucratic rules must be eliminated and we need policies to create new jobs. (…) But is this possible, to correct errors? I say that it certainly is (…). According to statistics, the future in front of us will not be easy. (…) I think that the future will be very hard actually. In Western Europe economic growth stumbles, in Germany they are preparing the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) coalition – the Greens, which means that we need to prepare ourselves, for the economy will not develop the way we want it to develop in our partner countries, in the Western European countries,” said the head of the Executive in Budapesta.

Among other things, the Hungarian PM said his generation had a historic chance to strengthen the Hungarian nation and that, in his opinion, the Illiberalism he promotes fits the principles of the founders of the EU, who laid the grounds for modern democracy, the best. (…)

Also, in his speech held at the Summer University in Baile Tusnad, he assessed the political and economic evolution of Hungary in the past 30 years and pointed out that “Hungary is very hopeful today, for it paid its debts, the salaries are increasing, SMEs are doing well, families grow in number, the nation continues to develop,” a good path that is rather threatened from outside then inside the country.

The head of the Hungarian Executive participates in the works of the Summer University in Baile Tusnad as an almost permanent guest of this event, now in its 30th edition.


About cemetery in Uzului Valley: Hungarians in Transylvania need an acceptable solution


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Saturday stated at the Summer University in Baile Tusnad that the situation at the Uzului Valley is “unimaginable” and that “Hungarians in Transylvania need an acceptable solution for this,” while adding that relevant Hungarians are discussing with the Romanian side on this matter.

“Of course, the Hungarian Government and relevant actors discuss with the Romanian side, I cannot speak of certain political categories in this context. The peace and quiet of a cemetery was disturbed here and we don’t know how to include some political debates in this context and the fact that the peace and quiet of that cemetery was disturbed, for us is unimaginable. We must have a debate with the Romanian side and there must be a moral dimension above politics and an acceptable solution for the Hungarians in Transylvania, and the Hungarian Government will support this approach and this measure,” said Viktor Orban, according to the official translation.


Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/orbanviktor

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