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November 26, 2022

ALDE’s Tariceanu: I have had talks with Mr. Ponta, and I am in favour of PRO Romania’s entry to Gov’t

Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu told on Sunday private TV broadcaster Antena 3 that he had talks with Victor Ponta and that he is in favour of the entry of PRO Romania to government, showing that this would strengthen this majority from the center left.

He explained why it would not be efficient for the government for the ALDE to leave the government and the PRO Romania join the Gov’t.

“If we make a simple calculation it will show that it is not efficient, it doesn’t compute, because what they would lose by our departure would mean more than what it would gain by the entry of PRO Romania. Why? Because PRO Romania has a small number of MPs. I believe that the entry of PRO Romania would be a good thing because first of all we would rebuild the political configuration that took place in the 2016 elections. This would mean the restoration of a majority that currently exists, but would be even stronger, and I think it would be strengthened, it would be needed, politically and strategically speaking, it would consolidate this majority to the center left area where we, PSD and PRO Romania would be. (…) I have had discussions with Mr. Ponta in this respect. Yes, I am favorable for PRO Romania to participate in governing,” Tariceanu said.

The ALDE leader explained that it is wrong to assume that they will remain in government until the end of the mandate if certain dysfunctions continue.

“To rely on us going to the end of the term in the conditions in which certain dysfunctions will continue to manifest themselves and at the central and local level is a wrong assumption. (…) They believe that for us and for me the position of President of the Senate is so important that we will remain in government under all circumstances. I will also tell Mrs. Prime Minister that this is not what matters, but it is the ability to carry out some commitments made in the governing programme that firstly matters. In the second place, it is very important how we connect within the coalition as partners. If they want to consider us partners, and therefore they must also consider our point of view in a series of issues, well, if not, and they want to govern on their own, they can rule on their own too,” Tariceanu further said.

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