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October 6, 2022

DIICOT: Caracal murderer killed victim on July 25 and burned the body. President Iohannis demands PSD-ALDE to abrogate legislative amendments to justice laws, criminal codes

Deputy chief prosecutor of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) Giorgiana Hosu said on Sunday in Craiova that defendant Gheorghe Dinca has admitted to killing his kidnap victim, 15-year-old Alexandra Maceseanu, on July 25 around noon, when he caught her with the phone in her hand, and that he then burned the body. There are indications that he acted similarly in the case of the first victim, 18-year-old Luiza Melencu.

“Calcined bone fragments and teeth of human nature were found by sieving the ash in a metal barrel, as well as three rings, a necklace and two necklace fragments, a rectangular metallic piece, and a piece similar to a ring mount, all carrying burn traces. An earring was also also found in the defendant’s car. The girl’s mother recognized the jewelry as belonging to her daughter,” the DIICOT prosecutor said.

Lawyer Alexandru Bogdan asserted that Gheorghe Dinca admitted on Sunday to his murder deeds in both 15-year-old Alexandra Macesanu case, and in the case of the 18-year-old girl Luiza Melencu who has disappeared in April 2019.

“Deeds were admitted. It is about the facts already known. There are no other data. (…) It is about the two girls. He admitted to his deeds, obviously. (…) There are no other murders,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer announced that searches in the case go on on Sunday at another location.

When asked what made the suspect to confess, the lawyer answered:”I know nothing on these aspects, I only know he admitted to them.”

Alexandru Maceseanu, a 15-year-old girl from the Dobrosloveni commune – Olt County, went missing on Wednesday after hitchhiking from home to Caracal.

On Thursday the girl called three times emergency number 112, saying that she had been abducted and held captive by a man, but the authorities struggled to identify her location. Police began searching the home of the 66-year-old suspect only on Friday morning, about 19 hours after the girl’s call.

18-year-old Luiza Mihela Melencu from the commune of Diosti – Dolj County, disappeared in mid-April after telling family she would go to Caracal to take out money from an ATM.


President Iohannis demands PSD-ALDE to abrogate legislative amendments to justice laws, criminal codes


President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday evening demanded the PSD-ALDE (Social Democratic Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) ruling coalition to abrogate the amendments brought in the past years to the laws of justice and to the criminal codes.

“I call on the Government to take steps now because it has the leverages, if they still have a modicum of decency, and I’m asking something else those in PSD and ALDE: to abrogate the past years’ amendments to the laws of justice and to the criminal codes. It is a mandatory step that not only we, the Venice Commission and all of the competent voices with the judiciary demand, but also the Romanians affected by the dreadful effects of the PSD incompetence and corruption. If this gov’t won’t do it, I promise you I will assemble a new majority after the election that will do this and will not stop to this, and will deal with the strengthening of the state so that the rights of the Romanians be genuinely protected and guaranteed. The honest Romanians do work hard, pay a lot of taxes and expect to be respected and protected in their own homes, the way any European citizen is protected and respected. The Romanian state can do this if freed from incompetence, clientelism, corruption and arrogance!” the president said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, in a statement.

The president went on to add that the state has been deeply weakened by the last years’ PSD government.

“The Romanian society has woken up, it is involved and it reacts! The real problem is that, beyond this crisis, the Romanian state has been deeply weakened by the PSD governing of the last years. The first and most important area, the Justice laws, and all of the provisions I have tried to postpone as much as possible, but that I couldn’t stop entirely. Many of them have already borne effects, and these effects must be mended,” President Iohannis concluded.

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