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June 25, 2022

STS head resigns from office. PM Dancila: STS chief’s resignation-necessary from day one; normally, President should have dismissed him

The head of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), Ionel-Sorinel Vasilca, resigned from office, “so as not to affect the prestige of the institution,” he said in a press release sent to AGERPRES.

“I hereby state that the resignation was not filed because of the existence of a failure, inadvertence or as a result of the slightest shadow of guilt in performing the function of receipt and location of 112 emergency calls by the STS, my dereliction of duty, the superficial handling or lack of responsibility regarding my duty and that of all the employees to guarantee the continuous operation of the special services, to cooperate and those on the 112 line,” Vasilca specified.

STS, the institution accused by the Police of being late in providing data on the location of Alexandra, the 15-year-old girl who was kidnapped and raped and who managed to call the 112 emergency number three times, using her attacker’s phone, announced on Saturday that there were no inadvertencies or technical malfunctions in the Caracal case and if there is a problem it has to do only with belated communication.

“All day yesterday, overnight, and all day today, the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) carried out an internal investigation into the way the STS’s 112 operators observed their prerogatives, fulfilled the provisions of the training book, and into the way the 112 Service worked. Following the internal verifications, we want to reconfirm for you that the operational provisions were observed and there were no inadvertencies, blackouts or technical malfunctions of the equipment or services in what concerns the way 112 calls are handled,” reads the STS press release.

“At the same time, we apologise for the delay in public communication, which sparked discontent, our intention being to document and accurately present the truth regarding the 112 calls made in this case. We assure you that we will put at the disposal of the investigative bodies all information, documents and recordings required to establish the truth,” reads the press release.


PM Dancila: STS chief’s resignation-necessary from day one; normally, President should have dismissed him


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated that the resignation of Special Telecommunications Service (STS) chief Ionel-Sorinel Vasilica was necessary from day one, due to the disastrous management of the Caracal case, not for the damage to the institution’s reputation and she criticised President Klaus Iohannis for not dismissing the STS chief.

“I welcome the resignation of STS chief, however, I would have wanted [that his decision] be motivated when listening to the voice of society and responsibility toward the service he led. I wish we hadn’t seen such arrogance from Mr Vasilica’s part. This resignation was necessary from day one, for the disastrous management of the case in Olt, not for the damage to the institution’s reputation. It is inappropriate for the STS chief to speak about image in such a situation. I cannot fail to notice that President Iohannis didn’t react and didn’t take any measure regarding the STS chief. Normally, the President should have dismissed him. Therefore, we see how in Mr Iohannis’s case, the normalcy happens later to the institution chiefs that he appoints and it is based on wrong motivations,” Viorica Dancila wrote on her Facebook page.

She reacted also to Save Romania Union (USR) Chairman Dan Barna’s statements, with the PM labeling his public appearance related to the Caracal case as “overzealous and late.”

“Today, we are also witnessing an overzealous show out – equally late and full of amateurism – from Mr Barna’s part, whom I shall say to just that: the necessary decisions will be made by the Executive based on the analysis and reports issued by the working group led by Mr Raed Arafat. Moreover, I will request the emergency gathering of Parliament in an extraordinary session and we will implement the decisions through OUG [Gov’t Emergency Ordinance]. The Government won’t waste any time. I receive conclusions daily from the working group, which we analyse together and which we will transpose into legislative measures, taking into account the existing legislation and the CCR [the Constitutional Court of Romania] decisions. I am making this clarification regarding the pieces of information emerging in the public space regarding the prepay phone cards. We know well the CCR decisions in the area and we will constantly take them into account. There will be no legislative measure to counter these decisions that are mandatory for every Romanian citizen,” Dancila stated.

In her view, the topic regarding the Caracal case is well politicised.

“We are already witnessing a lot of illicit politicisation of this topic. Ever since Friday, I called for decency and responsibility, principles which ‘the candidates’ trample all over day by day,” Dancila also stated.



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