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February 3, 2023

Interim IntMin Fifor asks prefects to analyze risks and vulnerabilities in each county

Interim Minister of Interior Mihai Fifor asked prefects and heads of county structures of the MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs) to make an analysis in the shortest while on the main risk and vulnerabilities facing each county.

“The Minister asked for an analysis of the vulnerabilities concerning public order, crime statistics, as well as the main risks facing citizens in each county. He also asked for the analysis to include situations regarding the schools, the number of crimes committed inside the education units and surrounding areas,”  a press release issued on Wednesday by the Ministry of Interior informs .

Moreover, the prefects were ordered to take the necessary measures, in cooperation with the county school inspectorates, to make sure that the education units are ready for the new school year.

According to the same source, these reports should be ready in one week.

“Mihai Fifor asked the prefects to postpone their holidays in order to personally supervise the activity of these institutions during this time and to actively get involved in the coordination of the county institutions, with an emphasis on their responsibilities in guaranteeing public order and safety,” reads the release.

The request was made on Wednesday during a videoconference meeting.


Fifor: Romanian Police currently understaffed


Acting Interior Minister Mihai Fifor said on Wednesday that the Romanian Police is currently understaffed, specifying that an analysis will be conducted at each inspectorate.

“There is no secret to anyone that the Romanian Police is understaffed at present. As much as I could this morning, I asked for data about the police employment, today I have a meeting with the police trade union, as well, I want to bring together at the table so that all the decisions we make are very well grounded. (…) on the one hand the parts so that all the decisions we make are very well-founded. (…) On the one hand, we know that they need to be done as a matter of urgency, things that had to be done yesterday, not today. I have the utmost regard for people who do their duty in this ministry. (…) We are preparing this urgent package of measures, I have two videoconferences and a videoconference with the prefects, because the prefects also have to get involved. Perhaps if in Olt [County] the coordinator of the decentralized services, who is the prefect, had done his job better, perhaps this is a link that would not have allowed to happen what happened in Caracal, but the measures will be communicated on time,” Fifor said at the ministry.

According to him, each police inspectorate will conduct an extremely thorough analysis of the way it works and whether there are vulnerabilities.

“In each inspectorate we will have an extremely thorough analysis of how these inspectorates work and if there are vulnerabilities so we can solve them immediately. The conclusion is the same: nobody in the system who does not understand to do their duty by the book will remain, as there is no middle ground here, there is only one solution – enforcing the law. I remind you that there is a working group coordinated by Raed Arafat that will come with measures to change the legislation, including measures to have better 112 dispatching service. All these things will be presented in a report, in a press conference. There is also the possibility of setting up new structures, there is the possibility of giving additional duties to the structures that we have at the moment. Any systemic change that we will make, we will communicate it,” Fifor added.

One day before, he affirmed that he received the go-ahead from Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to initiate “a radical process to fight crime and reform the system”.

“I have taken over the interim leadership of the Interior Ministry, following the request of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. I assure you that we will continue all the necessary investigations in the Caracal case, in order to identify the truth and to sanction all those who have not acted professionally and effectively in this case,” Fifor wrote on Tuesday on Facebook.

The acting Interior Minister is also committed to ensuring greater communication transparency in this case.

“Also, out of respect for the families of the victims and the citizens following the developments, I am committed to ensuring greater transparency in the regular communication in this case. We will constantly make available the official information that emerges out of the steps we make. Honour and Country!,” Mihai Fifor also wrote.


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