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May 24, 2022

AEP survey: 51.2 pct of electoral experts consider EP election day went normal

The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) has released the results of a survey conducted among the computer operators and electoral experts who served as presidents or deputy presidents of polling station electoral bureaus in the May 26 election.

According to an AEP release, 13,024 respondents representing 69.53 pct of the total completed the online questionnaire for computer operators, and 24,565 electoral experts accounting for 65.58 pct of the total answered the dedicated questionnaire.

In the category of electoral experts, 51.2 percent of the respondents reported that the election day unfolded normally; 21.1 percent consider that the various issues were determined by the EP election being held concomitantly with the referendum; 10.1 percent had problems due to having to handwrite a large number of voters in the additional electoral rolls; 7.4 percent encountered difficulties because of the requirement to simultaneously manage two different types of ballots, while 4.9 percent considered that the scanning of the ID cards had been cumbersome, and 2.6 percent said that the computer operator was unable to handle the large number of incoming voters.

The organization of the electoral process was rated 10 by 49 percent of the respondents, 9 – by 32.3 pct, 8 – by 11.9 pct and 7 – by 3.2 pct.

The organization of the delivery of the materials after the ballot by the county electoral bureaus and prefecture offices was rated 10 by 24.7 pct of the respondents, 9 – by 17.7 pct, 8 – by 13.3 pct, 7 – 8 pct, while 9.8 pct assigned it a 1.

The questionnaire was sent by SMS and e-mail to the 18,730 computer operators and 37,460 presidents of polling station electoral bureaus or deputies thereof. The action was aimed at providing a fair and true to reality evaluation of the way the polling station electoral bureaus have carried out their activities, in order to improve all the specific aspects, AEP said in the release.

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