Caracal case. DIICOT conducts complex investigation at suspect’s home, concrete-filled pits at the scene searched too

Prosecutors of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) and forensic police will conduct on Friday a complex and thorough investigation at the home of Gheorghe Dinca, the main suspect in the case of the disappearance of two teenage girls in Caracal, examining also the concrete-filled pits in the house yard, said DIICOT spokesperson Mihaela Porime.

“We are executing a search warrant at the defendant’s home, following the transfer of the case from the Craiova DIICOT branch. We will proceed to a complex and thorough forensic examination, together with police from the Bucharest Police Homicide Service, the Directorate for the Combat of Organised Crime, the Forensics Institute and the Bucharest Police Forensics Service. When I speak of a complex action I mean that the entire area will be divided into sectors that will be examined by various teams. We will clear the spot and also look at those concrete-filled pits,” Mihaela Porime said, speaking from the scene of the investigation.


Suspect Gheorghe Dinca heard for 9 hours at DIICOT, maintains previous statement


Gheorghe Dinca was brought home from Bucharest to also participate in the action.

During more than 9 hours of hearing Thursday night at the DIICOT headquarters in Bucharest he maintained his previous statement that he killed the girls, but also gave new details that will be now verified by investigators.

“He maintained his previous statement and they reviewed the sequence of events. He didn’t change his statement,” Dinca’s lawyer said upon leaving the DIICOT headquarters.

Judicial sources told AGERPRES that, during the hearings, Gheorghe Dinca mentioned other aspects that will be verified by the investigators. He will be taken on Friday to his home in Caracal, where the prosecutors will resume on-site investigations.

The investigation is being conducted by three prosecutors from the DIICOT Central Structure, under the coordination of DIICOT head Felix Banila.

“The prosecutors in management positions at DIICOT – the Central Structure – the Section for Combating Organised Crime will carry out the investigation under the direct coordination of the chief-prosecutor, after DIICOT took over the file no. 203/D/P/2019 from the Craiova Territorial Service, with the criminal proceedings being carried out under an emergency regime to establish the judiciary truth,” reads a press release of the DIICOT.

According to some judiciary sources, Alina Albu and George Lucian Patuleanu – chief prosecutor and deputy chief prosecutor with the Section for Combating Organised Crime at DIICOT, will work in this file.


Prosecutor Cristian Popescu – suspended from office


The Section for prosecutors in disciplinary matters of the Supreme Council of Magistracy (CSM) on Thursday decided to suspend prosecutor Cristian Ovidiu Popescu from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Caracal Court.



Acting IntMin Fifor: Minister’s Control Body report, already transposed into decisions


Also on Thursday, acting Interior Minister Mihai Fifor stated  in regards to the information of the Interior Ministry report according to which deputy of the Olt County Police Inspectorate (IPJ) would have lied his superior in regard to the time when he learned about the disappearance of Alexandra Macesanu, that this aspect is to be established by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) investigation and the conclusions of the report of the Minister’s Control Body have already been transposed into decisions.

“If it happened like that, this shall be established by the investigation which is conducted on the one side by the DIICOT, on the other side, as I have told you, the conclusions of the Minister’s Control Body report have already been transposed into decisions by Chief Commissioner Florin Dragnea and measures are being taken,” he stated.

Fifor said that he requested an analysis regarding the staff deficit of MAI employees, underscoring that the numbers of Interior Ministry personnel should be increased.

“We want to see what is the staff deficit. I also requested [an analysis on] endowment, because there are things to be analysed and I hope such data is already on my desk, so that I can make this analysis. But certainly, the numbers of Interior Ministry personnel should be increased. We will definitely carry out these discussions with the chiefs of arms services, too, but we shall also discuss with the unions. I promised those in the unions, at yesterday’s meeting, that we would meet again next week, because we have to analyse all these things. And, if I said that we were going to enter a logic of normality and a resettlement of this ministry, then that’s what we shall do,” Fifor added.


Photo: AP/Agerpres

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