PM Dancila: This year’s first budget rectification is positive

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Thursday, at the beginning of the Government meeting, that the first budget rectification of this year is positive, a rectification that ensures “increased payment of salaries and pensions and the continuation of the investment projects in priority areas.”

“We are discussing in the Government meeting today the first budget rectification this year. It is a positive rectification by which we ensure the increased payment of salaries and pensions, including the new increase that we will apply from 1 September this year. Moreover, this rectification ensures the continuation of the investment projects in the priority areas”, specified Viorica Dancila.

The prime minister explained that the positive budget rectification “is supported by the growth of the Gross Domestic Product and the fact that in the first quarter of this year Romania registered an economic growth of 5pct, the third-largest growth in the European Union”.

“All branches of the real economy have registered positive developments, notably the results in construction, services and agriculture,” added Dancila.

The prime minister stressed that she had demanded that the rectification be done “on clear principles”, so that “the objectives assumed earlier this year would be met by maintaining macroeconomic balances and strengthening investor confidence in the economy”.

“We will keep the budget deficit in the target assumed by the Budget Law, namely 2.76pct. We will also keep investments in the priority areas, education, health and road infrastructure, as well as the measures to stimulate the programs for the development of the local communities. I demanded that the budget structure be correlated with the achievements of the first semester and be doubled by a firm commitment from the ministries that what is established by the budget rectification must be implemented,” said Dancila.

The prime minister said that the budget cuts proposed by the rectification “are done where there was a low degree of use of the allocated money”.

Dancila added that the rectification provides for “the funds necessary to the proper functioning of the local administration and to the financing of investment projects.”


 I call on JusMin to urgently finalise analysis on criminal legislation and come up with amendment proposals


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila called on Minister of Justice Ana Birchall, on Thursday, to “urgently” finalise the analysis regarding the criminal legislation in the case of serious and very serious crimes, so as to come up “in the shortest time” with proposals to amend and supplement the law.


“At the Ministry of Justice, an analysis of criminal law in the case of serious and very serious crimes has been initiated. A package will be carried out with proposals to amend and supplement the legislation on several aspects: prohibiting the possibility of conditional release for serious and very serious crimes, the clearer definition of the act of kidnapping, a phenomenon that we have been witnessing more and more often in the last years towards vulnerable persons, and the establishment by law of greater punishment lengths, the clarification of the judicial bodies’ duties and of other aspects of the legislation, so that we can prevent other tragedies. I urge the Minister of Justice to finalize the analysis as a matter of urgency, so that, in the shortest time, she can make proposals to amend and supplement the legislation. As I have told you, we will take all necessary measures for the proper functioning of the institutions responsible for the safety of citizens and for strengthening the fight against criminality,” the prime minister said at the beginning of the Executive’s meeting.


PM announces 12 large-scale projects under coordination of recently created Department for infrastructure projects monitoring


The Department for the development, promotion and monitoring of infrastructure investment projects has 12 large-scale projects under its coordination, said Prime Minister Viorica Dancila

“With regard to investments, I want to convey a very clear message. The implementation of investment projects will continue and we have already taken a set of measures to boost the works. There are 12 large-scale projects under the coordination of the recently created Department for the development, promotion and monitoring of infrastructure investment projects, with works being carefully monitored, so that the projects be completed in the shortest time possible,” PM Dancila said on Thursday at the opening of the government meeting.

The Premier gave some examples of recent accomplishments, reviewing also the progress made in tourism investments after the government improved the procedure for the financing and development of projects in this sector. Dancila also announced that the Tourism Ministry will sign next week in Calarasi an 86 million lei financing contract “for the construction of a Danube tourist port, to stimulate tourism in this area”.


Premiers  wants emergency ordinance to tighten penalties, including life imprisonment for murderers, rapists, pedophiles


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Thursday announced at the Victoria Palace that she will give an emergency ordinance to tighten penalties imposed on murderers, rapists and pedophiles, to introduce life imprisonment included.

“I said I want severe punishment for murderers, rapists and pedophiles. I’ll give an emergency ordinance to establish life imprisonment, respectively to tighten penalties for such deeds. I have zero tolerance for the lack of humanity and the disrespect for the citizen,” Viorica Dancila said.

The Prime Minister also announced that she will call for an extraordinary session of Parliament to endorse the legislative amendments that are to be forwarded by the Ministry of Justice.

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