Calin Popescu-Tariceanu resigns from position of Senate President. Teodor Melescanu, backed by PSD for Senate Speaker office

Senate President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu announced on Monday, in plenary session, his resignation from office, which he held for 5 years.

“I did not cling to this position. (…) I will continue to involve myself politically,” said Tariceanu, in the Senate’s plenary session.

“It is sad for me to note that, unfortunately, the Opposition did not understand this fight to restore the citizen’s right to justice, to eliminate the services from the judiciary. They understood it as an assault on the judiciary. I hope that they now understand. To those who will succeed me at the helm of the Senate I say that I have no answer regarding the Senate’s role in the future for there to no longer be overlaps between the prerogatives of the House and Senate. I believe we must designate what the Senate’s role will be in the future, in the constitutional architecture, and I believe the Senate’s role in the future is that we can adapt to change,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated during the Senate’s plenary meeting on Monday, when he announced his resignation from the helm of the legislative chamber.

The leader of ALDE also talked about the Senate’s role in the future, pointing out that he never clung to the Senate Speaker office.

“I believe the role to debate the great projects that pertain either to national security or to foreign policy must be here, in the Senate hall. As you can see, I didn’t cling to this office, and I firmly believed that offices must be made for people and people for offices. I saw fit to leave this office after this alliance ended. I want to thank all my colleagues. I want to continue to get politically involved. Everything stems from this necessity to observe the Constitution and the rights and freedoms of the citizens, which are guaranteed,” Tariceanu explained.

The ALDE leader proposed a recess so that the political parties’ nominations for the office of Senate Speaker and the offices of members of the Standing Bureau would be lodged. The proposal was adopted by the plenum.

“Considering that from this moment on the office of Speaker is vacant and we need to elect not only the Standing Bureau but also the Senate Speaker, I propose a recess, so that the nominations for all these offices would be made,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu concluded.

Earlier on Monday, Calin Popescu Tariceanu has informed his Senate Standing Bureau colleagues that he will resign from the helm of the legislative chamber and that he intends to read the text of the decision during the plenary meeting scheduled to start on Monday at 4 p.m.


Teodor Melescanu, backed by PSD for Senate Speaker office


PSD’s parliamentary group has decided to back ex-Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu for the office of Senate Speaker, Premier Viorica Dancila announced at the end of the meeting of Social Democratic Senators.

Asked whether Teodor Melescanu has been asked about this topic, Viorica Dancila said: “You do realise we consulted him too.”

Likewise, the Liberals have decided to back PNL Senator Alina Gorghiu for the office of Senate Speaker.


Melescanu on being nominated as Senate Speaker: Nobody has asked me to leave ALDE


After the PSD decided to nominate him as Senate Speaker, ALDE Senator Teodor Melescanu stated that nobody ever asked him to leave ALDE. Likewise, Melescanu said he did not discuss the PSD’s proposal with ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

“I understand that today, at this moment, the PSD’s Senate group has adopted the decision to back my candidacy,” the former Foreign Minister stated on Monday at the Palace of Parliament.

He said he will rely on the votes of those who believe that at the helm of the Senate there is the need “for a man with experience, balanced,” because during this period Parliament will play a key role in Romanian politics.

Likewise, Melescanu denied that he was asked to join the PSD: “Nobody ever asked me to leave ALDE.”

“It’s about the fact that the office we held, that of Senate Speaker, normally should have been perpetuated. This office is a guarantee that ALDE will not be subjected to any kind of pressure and will offer my colleagues an outlook for the future, in order to remain in ALDE and to continue developing our party. I haven’t discussed [the proposal] with Mr Tariceanu yet,” the ALDE Senator added.


PM Dancila: Melescanu accepts Senate leadership as he does not agree with ALDE-PRO Romania alliance


Chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila said on Monday that her party could have claimed the position of Senate President, but proposed to Teodor Melescanu because the seat belonged to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), and the Social-Democrats wanted to show that they are “correct to the very end.”

“I had a talk with Mr. Melescanu related to the Senate leadership, I made this proposal to him. Mr. Melescanu accepted in the idea that he does not agree with the ALDE – PRO Romania coalition. The seat belonged to ALDE and we wanted to show that we were correct to the very end. We could have had [e.n. a minister] from the PSD, but we wanted to show that we are correct to the very end,” said Dancila in Parliament.

Asked if those in ALDE are collaborators of the PSD from now on, Dancila replied: “Those who want to; there will be some who will go to PRO Romania, others who will show responsibility and will go with the Social Democratic Party, as they did at the beginning, it depends on the way each one approaches this aspect and the way they treat the government seriously and the projects with which they came in front of the citizens.”

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