DIICOT: Forensic report reveals that bone fragments found in metal barrel ash at Dinca’s home belong to Alexandra Macesanu. Cumpanasu to request for an expert’s counter-report

The bone fragments found in the ash from the metal barrel at the home of Gheorghe Dinca, the defendant in the Caracal case, contain the DNA of Alexandra Macesanu, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) reported on Monday by citing the forensic report from the “Mina Minovici” National Institute of Forensic Medicine.

“On Monday, the ‘Mina Minovici’ National Institute of Forensic Medicine submitted to the DIICOT – Central Structure the forensic report through DNA examination – judiciary genetic expertise – regarding the minor victim M.A.M. The conclusions of the medical forensic report indicate that the genetic analysis of the biological bone samples, represented by dental elements selected from the package with bone fragments, found during the on-site research in the ash from the metal barrel at the defendant Dinca Gheorghe’s residence, led to the identification of a unique DNA profile, belonging to a female person,” reads a DIICOT release sent to AGERPRES.

The cited source also shows, the forensic report found that the female person singled out by the genetic analyses of the biological bone tests is the minor victim Alexandra Macesanu, with a probability of 99.93pct.

Gheorghe Dinca admitted that he killed Alexandra Macesanu, 15, on 25 July, when he caught her with the phone in her hand calling 112, and then incinerated her body. He also claimed that he had also killed 18-year-old Luiza Melencu, who went missing in April.

“This final result allows us now to request an expert’s counter-report, the final report only contains more papers. I am asking DIICOT to support me to obtain the ordinance requesting the international expert’s report, it’s not about distrust, it’s about a family being sure that they are mourning their child, not others’ child”, Alexandra Macesanu’s  uncle, Alexandru Cumpanasu stated after DIICOT’s announcement.


CSM will notify institutions on the manner by which DIICOT conducted the investigation in the Caracal Case


Alexandru Cumpanasu announced on Monday that he discussed with the President of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), Lia Savonea, who told him that she will soon decide what institutions she will notify in order to check the manner by which the investigation was conducted at Caracal.

“Regarding the discussion that I had with Mrs. Lia Savonea, (…) I told her, besides what I wrote in this complaint and the context of this complaint, many other things that she, as the CSM President, should know about the manner by which this investigation was conducted at Caracal. Unfortunately, my opinion is that DIICOT, through the case prosecutors, mocked their competence, they mocked their work, and I hope with all my heart that the institutions that will check their work, probably belonging to CSM, it’s the President’s business who will she delegate to conduct this investigation on the prosecutors’ work in this case, but from my point of view, if these people will continue to say it was a murder, or exploitation or kidnapping for one’s own exploitation, the Law must be reinvented, laws must be reinvented, concepts must be reinvented. It’s simply aberrant”, Alexandru Cumpanasu stated.


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