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October 20, 2021

Ludovic Orban: In next two weeks, PNL to negotiate with all parties the backing of no-confidence motion

Liberal leader Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that the PNL has prepared a draft motion of no confidence but the document will be discussed with all political parties in order to find out their conditions for supporting the demarche. Orban says that the no-confidence motion will be tabled when the conditions for the toppling of the Government are met. “Each month with the Dancila Government in power creates major risks and vulnerabilities for Romania,” Ludovic Orban claims.

“I expect to meet all political leaders, all party whips, to discuss the conditions that must be met for these parliamentary groups to ally with us, to join us in the demarche to table the motion of no confidence. Consequently, I’m not raising any conditions for joining this demarche to topple the Government. Each month with the Dancila Government in power creates major risks and vulnerabilities for Romania and risks negatively affecting the lives, security and prosperity of all Romanian citizens,” Orban stated.

He pointed out that the meetings will take place in the next two weeks.

“We have established a two-week timetable of meetings with all the leaders of the political parties, with all the party whips in the House and Senate. In what concerns us, the text of the no-confidence motion is drafted, but of course we cannot present it because it will be negotiated with all parliamentary groups. We are talking about six other political parties or parliamentary groups that must join the PNL in this demarche to topple the Government. We will engage in serious negotiations to find the best solutions in order to get all parliamentary political forces involved in the project to topple the Government,” Orban added.

According to him, “the fundamental objective is to put an end to this Government.”

“We will table this motion when we consider it has sure chances to pass. We have at our disposal a single motion of no confidence per parliamentary session,” Orban added.

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