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May 10, 2021

The Urban Fountains from Unirii Square, recognized as a world record

Almost one year after the inauguration of the Urban Fountains from Unirii Square and the launch the water, music and light show “Simfonia Apei” (“Water Symphony” – e.n.), they have been recognized, approved and published as The Longest Row of Choreographic Synchronized Fountains in the World, by the World Record Academy).

Bucharest Fountains from Unirii Square, reopened in 2018 after a large rehabilitation process implemented by Apa Nova, according to the obligations taken in the concession contract with the Bucharest Municipality, are the first urban fountains benefiting from state-of-the-art equipment and technology at European level. Since their reconfiguration, the fountains from Unirii Square became one of the most important attractions in the city, and the 70 Water Symphony shows held until today delighted more than 219,000 tourists and Bucharesters who were present in Bucharest during the weekend.

“The fountains from Unirii Square are a symbol of the city, which was brought back to its inhabitants and tourists through this rehabilitation project. The international recognition of these urban fountains and their shows is an added value to which we relate. We are proud that we have successfully implemented one of the most ambitious projects of urban development in the recent years in Europe. For Apa Nova, this is a remarkable project, reconfirming the excellence standard to which our company is related in all its implemented projects and in the quality of the services provided to Bucharesters every day”, stated Madalin Mihailovici, Apa Nova General Manager.

The fountains from Unirii Square, built at the end of ‘80s, are one of the longest systems of their kind in the world (1.4 km), with a water surface of 16,200 sqm., and they are unique due to their layout in downtown Bucharest. In 2018, internationally renowned companies, architects, museographers, water entertainment and audio and video design specialists, were part of the project team.

To rehabilitate the fountains, state-of-the-art water entertainment equipment and technology was used and implemented, some of them being unique in Europe, such as “High Speed Vario master” – a group of fast-moving water jets, transforming the original form of the vertical jet into a water calyx, in just a blink of an eye. At the same time, the jets are rotating according to the rhythm of the music, adding an extra of dynamic and visual effects during the show’s peak moments. Another spectacular effect is given by the water jets released by compressed air, which appear suddenly and are integrated into the system to emphasize the choreography which follows the music, especially during the dramatic moments. Besides the above-mentioned special effects, the “foundation” of the show is given by many parabolic and vertical controllable water jets that can be strongly illuminated in any color. They are created by a multitude of state-of-the-art pumps, lights and dynamic nozzles. A huge multimedia platform hosting the projections of the theme of the shows was created on the four “water screens” oriented to the four points of the compass, from the central fountain from Unirii Square.

The entire equipment was installed in the already existing pools and structures. The approach of the rehabilitation involved a “facelift” of the fountains, which have many classical features.

The fully digitally monitored system allows now to control any individual unit of the 44 independent fountains, having a total length of almost 1.4 kilometers and being placed along the Unirii Boulevard.

The urban fountains from Unirii Square provide show versions running from Friday to Sunday, until the end of October. They have different themes, the selected songs complementing the magic that is created by the water and light spectacle. The 2018 shows have been conceived to lead the visitors into a journey through 7 worlds speaking about Romania – the world of water, fire, Earth, air, plant world and the Centenary world, all of them prefaced by the astral world.

At this year’s edition of the Water Symphony, the theme underlying the shows is given by the Romanian values, which are celebrated through original shows. The shows lasts about 45 minutes and the access is free.

The fountains from Unirii Square provides Bucharesters with water, light and music shows in 4 operating regimes: daylight, evening and night shows from Monday to Thursday, and the Water Symphony street show during the weekend evenings (from Friday to Sunday).



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